Vote Barisan to fulfil your three priorities, Gerawat tells constituents

MIRI: The majority of voters in Mulu have high hopes that the Barisan Nasional government will bring more development

to the constituency in the next five years, should it be able to form the government after May 7 polls.

In saying this, BN direct candidate for Mulu Datuk Gerawat Gala said based on the response he received after the first week into campaigning, he is confident that the majority of the 8,627 registered voters in the constituency still want BN as the state government.

“I have visited many areas under Mulu constituency over the past few days, and the response was overwhelming. Majority of them still have high hopes in BN,” he said at a gathering with about 200 Kelabits at Boulevard Restaurant here on Sunday night.

Gerawat, who is president of Federation of Orang Ulu Malaysia (FORUM), also pointed out that Mulu — being a new constituency — is in dire need of three main things which he pledged to bring into the constituency if he is voted in.

The three things are a better road network and supply of treated water and 24-hour electricity.

“After visiting the constituency, I found that Mulu is a bit left behind in terms of basic infrastructure — better roads to connect villages to towns and roads to connect villages, treated water and also 24-hour electricity supply. These are the three top priorities that they need now,” he said.



Those in the rural areas should have all the basic amenities like clean tap water and electricity years ago. BN has done nothing for them for well over 50 years. Money that should have been well spent on these things have gone to their cronies. Don’t be fooled by BN.
The next BN state government should provide these amenities to people in the rural areas even if their candidates did not win the seats in these areas.