Volunteer single-handedly packs, delivers food aid

Kesuma poses with recipients at a squatter area near Kampung Muhibbah Kuala Baram.

MIRI: A Mercy Malaysia Miri’s volunteer has been single-handedly distributing food assistance to the target group in Miri and Sibuti since April 22.

Kesuma Jamaludin said she personally packed the food items including rice and loaded the food packages in her car before delivering them to the individual recipients.

“I have been distributing the food aid alone since day one and will continue to do so until it reaches all the recipients in the list provided, “ she said met at the squatter near Kampung Muhibbah Kuala Baram yesterday.

According to Kesuma, the food items were distributed to squatters at Kuala Baram, near Kampung Masjid Kuala Baram, Batu Satu and in Pujut yesterday morning and would be distributed at Bekenu in the afternoon to families which need immediate assistance.

She faces difficulty in locating the recipients at times as squatter houses do not have lot numbers or are at inconspicuous back lanes and can make 15 deliveries per day.

“Going around alone adheres to the Movement Control Order (MCO) and limits interaction with recipients,” she shared, adding the majority are single mothers, breadwinners who are without work during MCO or those with many family members living together.

According to Kesuma, another Mercy Malaysia Miri volunteer is also distributing food aid with her husband and relatives.

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