Volunteer Model Wanted

Ahneyong alls…

I’m looking for a VOLUNTEER model for my fashion blog. Any size is ok, as long as you like to take picture and have the groove.

(Good for those pretty girls who love to wear nice fashion garment and have heart in FASHION)

Please pm me or e-mail to auzieazwanie@yahoo.com the details and photo if anyone interested.


<3 allz... :D

Hey hi, auzie

Do you need kids age 3-5yrs to be models or 12yrs & above


Ahneyo Debbie,

Are you interested ? Do you have someone in mind?

Actually, any age is welcome…I might need small kids for the photo shoot if there is any new brand cloth I have.

But at the moment, I would prefer girl 12 year above and ladies 18 plus age.

If ladies who wear hijabs / tudung interested, is much more welcome…

Also, if there is anyone in pluss size up to XXL who interested please also contact me.

Thanks for the interest ya dear…

Please contact me if anyone interested…

<3 alls.

Hi is this still available cause im very interested and im only 16 this year.

are still need a model??can i try it? :smiley:

im a sexy man

you want?