Volt Stabilizer from RM100

Available Model:
-Mega Raizin RM230
-Deizin RM100
-Raizin 90% Red colour RM120
-Raizin 82% Blue colour RM120
-SARD Magic Box Genuine RM200

Product Made in Taiwan
SARD only made in Japan

Deal method: posting

Location: Cheras bt 9, Balakong, Kajang, Bangi, Sri Kembangan, Petaling Jaya 14, Taman Connaught Gaint(Show Room)

contact: 017-2292882 jack

Term and condition
1.NO claims or good return will be accepted after product warranty time

2.Goods SOLD are not returnable.

3.Posting will be charged RM10

4.Before deal buyer please make sure give a call to seller to comfirm time and item

5.Installation are not provide by seller(or i guide u DIY).

6.Buyer please make sure the product is suitable to install for your car.

  1. please mantion you are the member of which forum and give the nick name when during sms, call or PM.

This my contact number 017-2292882 jack feel free can call me
thanks for view

all these are originals?

dont think so is original…

whats the downside of the imitation type?

the condenser will kong fast and your battery need to be change…

Sorry bro… Only Sard Magic Box is original…
Others all are imitation.

somemore, i had sold a lot of volt stabilizer… i never heard abt that problem.
for ur information, my bro, my bro in law and i oso use imitation Raizin 82% Blue colour for two years.
so far it still functionally. my bro’s battery had been used for two n half years and just change recently…

if u wanna to buy original Volt Stabilizer… i oso got it, just let me know which type u want and i will send u the price. it is ard Rm240 per sets.
if there is any question, just let me knw…

what is this thing for…?advantages…?

i dunno about these thing oo…

As Shown in Description of the Item:
Function of Volt Stabilizer as follow:

  • improved audio quality
  • Increased torque and response and power
  • Stabilized iding and improved engine kick over
  • increased headlight brightness
  • improved fuel economy
    improved baterry life

oh…ok…u post to many description about it…lazy to read already…hehe…can get less than the price stated above…?

-Deizin RM100 (Stabilizer Only)
-Raizin 90% Red colour RM120 (Include three grounding cable)
-Raizin 82% Blue colour RM120 (Include Five grounding cable)
-Mega Raizin RM230 (Stabilizer Only)
-SARD Magic Box Genuine RM200 (Stabilizer Only)

Hey Bro, as u r my first customer in this forum… i willing to free posting to u…

just ask only la…i’ll intrested then i let u know la…

nice to meet u!!

and goodluck with ur selling!!:slight_smile:

heheh tq i hose so until now no respond