Vital road in remote Sarawak breaking apart due to hillslope failure

MIRI: The remote Belaga-Menjawah road in northern Sarawak – built by the Defence Ministry under the Jiwa Murni concept three years ago – is breaking apart due to hillslope failure.

Part of the road has already collapsed into the ravine after the hillside eroded due to heavy rain.

Native-rights activist cum lawyer Abun Sui, who is a Belaga resident, said that half of the two-lane road had already collapsed.

“If the rain continues, soon the whole road will cave in,” he said, adding that remedial measures needed to be taken by the Works Department (JKR) immediately.

“In fact cracks started appearing in June and locals had already voiced their worries to Belaga authorities,” he told The Star on Saturday (Dec 22).

The 60km road was built by the Defence Ministry three years ago for about RM80mil.

Abun, who is PKR Hulu Rejang chief, said the road was supposed to be repaired last year.

"I hope the state government will initiate the repair now.

“The state government must liaise with the JKR immediately,” he said.

The Belaga-Menjawah road is the only road link for about 10,000 interior folks to the outside world.

It connects the Menjawah sub-district to the Belaga township and onwards to Bakun, Bintulu and beyond.