Visually impaired being robbed blind

KUCHING: An elderly blind man here is appealing to criminals to stop victimising the community.

Oyo Emang, who is in his 70s and totally blind, made the plea after his hard-earned savings and belongings were stolen by heartless crooks.

Oyo, who lives in the Stapok resettlement scheme about 10km from the city centre, said cash was stolen from his room, along with his wallet and savings account book.

He expressed his frustration to StarMetro yesterday, adding he lost a few hundred ringgit as well as his welfare card which was inside his wallet.

Oyo had lodged a police report but so far his belongings have not been recovered and there have been no arrests.

“Someone broke into my house while I was sleeping at night.

“I didn’t even hear them. Only after I woke up in the morning did I realise my drawer had been ransacked.

“Why did they have to steal my bank book and welfare card?” he asked in Bahasa Malaysia.

Oyo said he believes the thieves came in through the back window.

He said similar incidents had happened before in his neighbourhood during the day too.

This is not the first time the visually impaired have been targeted not just here but also Miri.

Oyo said his blind friends Jackson Manggai, James Ensering and Jembu Margi who live in squatter resettlement schemes in Kuala Baram, also had their money and belongings stolen.

He believes the culprits were drug addicts and alcoholics.

Oyo and his wife Lintu, who is also blind, live with their daughter who sometimes has to work on the night shift in a hotel.

The Stapok resettlement scheme houses former squatters.