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Reli angry when asked 2 take my house key on 25/9, n aft a long Q, finally was my turn BUT d officer of SPNB Miri told me they doesn’t gt d release of $ frm d bank, so cant giv me d key!!!.. thn 2day i col d bank, they told me d lawyer firm said it’s bcoz d SPNB Kuching x yet sign d documents prepared!!!

Thn whn i col SPNB at Kuching, d officer asked me 2 wait within 1 mth, oli for d ‘SIGNATURE’!! thn i asked am i gonna charged for PENALTY bcoz of dis, she said “hopefully x, bt depend” :twisted:

:evil: :evil: :evil: Cilaka!!! Their fault y i gonna bear leh??? X a small amount leh!! Gt buyers charged RM15K oli for dis nonsense PENALTY !!

Nw try 2 find a way 2 solve it… maybe hired a lawyer 2 settle for me… :expressionless:

ask help from DAP rep to highlight in local newspaper

my loan approved on middle of July, 2010, thn until TODAY SPNB dared 2 say dat THEY X YET receive any payment from bank?! Thn y they send us a letter 2 get d key released leh? Reli cilaka!!!

I rather sell d house back 2 them n get my money bec… n i wont earn any cents with it FOR SURE!!!


so dear friends in MCNet who intend 2 buy d house there, pls thk of it again n AGAIN~~~ coz it’s abt d matter of MONEY… d attitude, d quality of work, etc… reli reli make me wanna XXXX them!!!

wow…is that an angry house buyer we have here?

relax, man. do whatever it takes and pls update all new news.

i sure i’m 1 of those angry buyers who gt d same feeling abt dis…

whn i thk again d scene on 25/9, gt some buyers refused 2 pay d penalties, d officer oli replied, “Pay d penalty if u wanna get d key, o else, v cant do anythg on it!”

Macam lah v reli make dis fault n deserved 2 pay it leh!! Chiiiiuuuuuu~~~ i wonder y they 1 2 hold it until annouce it as a PENALTY?! HMmmmmm… maybe my friend’s rite… bcoz of $!!!

i wil UPDATED dis news frm time to time…


how much is this penalty?

rough: depends d type of house & d period of times d SPNB sign d doc…

try here…housing tribunal… … umahan.cfm

Next time buy 2nd hand house, not so much hustle.

who is the spnb sales officer?try u talk to marshall chan…from borneo property…their office handle the sales i guess…

[quote=“livanov27”]try here…housing tribunal… … umahan.cfm[/quote]

10s, i’ll sure try dis rite away, 10s again, pal :stuck_out_tongue:

orlando: haiz~~ after dis, sure x dare 2 buy liao

chils: ok, later i try find him…

Few years ago my brother bought his 1’st house. He had to pay penalty around 1K . We were not sure where the delay was, go to lawyer they say its the bank, go to bank they say its the lawyer and the verification process !!.

yup!!! they owes like dis… don1 bear d responsibility n laz throw dis RUBBISH THG 2 us~~~~~~~
i CURSE them nw n 4ever!!

u make me think twice to buy house laa bro… haish,

haiz… act d house at vista perdana is great for a small family, bt… haiz~~~~

OMG … REALLY??? my friend paid for the booking fee for RM300.00. Now only waiting for the bank to approved. dear kuolabear85, what penalty u talking about…? i got to inform her… coz her money is very very tide… coz she don’t want to pay any extra thing that is not worth it.
one more thing, why have to wait for SPNB Kuching to approved? i though their got their own branches and each different city to handle own division de?
i though the procedure is only SPNB, BANK then Lawyer… and they told my friend it take 2 weeks to process the thing… how come yours take so long? how much u pay for the lawyer? 3k or 4k? my friend was hoping 3k as hers is really tide budget.
hmmm… please share kuolabear85.

Need further information regarding this issue…kuolabear85 how’s your issue? any news?