Vista/Chinese star

Does anyone know how to run chinese star under vista OS? Can’t seem to incooperate. Any idea what other chinese conversion software translates english to chinese without engaging pinyin?

ermm… vista already have their own chinese system… no need install chinese star again…
chinese star is not very good compare to vista’s chinese… that what i think la…

Microsoft’s Pinyin IME and others are wayy better than Chinese Star now

Agree. No need CStar. It’s crap. However, if you wanna use other functions of CStar, then I will have no say.

As far as typing Chinese, vista’s own chinese system (which is included already) will do a perfect job for you.

TRY GOOGLE PINYIN. it is good.
type google pinyin in google and download, run in vista no prob.

I know vista can write in chinese…however…it seem it cant read all the chinese word compare to chinese star…

My knowledge to Chinese pinyin is kalankabut hence the need for Chinese Star sort of direct translation. Anyone able to help?

haha si beh gau lat~ anyway hope some 1 can help u come out wth a solution

dont worry. lacelace now looking for answers. he will help u. if he fail, u can borrow his pc for time being while he take more time to replace. :mrgreen:

Just install a windows XP SP3 Chinese version at Techkie House.

if you aren’t good with pinyin and have extra cash and willing to spend some $$, buy a tablet. :smiley: provided you’re good with writing chinese ofcourse :mrgreen:

IMO, google pinyin is way better than Microsoft Pinyin…i said IMO =)

microsoft pinyin???

ask qute sponsor tablet~~for u ~