Vista: 150 problems, 0 solutions

Vista: 150 problems, 0 solutions
11th July 2007

Angus Kidman


Microsoft likes to boast that Vista is better than ever at logging difficulties with software and suggesting solutions through its Problem Reports and Solutions feature – but for an OS that’s been in final release for six months, the number of actual solutions is a tad on the minimal side. Here’s the sorry evidence of what actually happens when you try and get Vista to heal itself. This is a true story, and none of the names have been changed.

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well it will take awhile to fix the bugs. I’d give it a year, and if its still buggy I’ll rethink buying it.

Nice to see, not necessary to have. At least for a time being…

Better check your ‘hard desk’ space to see if it fit too.

im usin vista now.i bought a new lappy toppy…most of the choices now already use vista so i had no choice :smiley: but then again i havent had any problems…tho i havent been using it much…tiring lah live here…=.=