Visa on arrival for 23 nations on Sept 1


Visa on arrival for 23 nations on Sept 1
10 Aug 2006

PUTRAJAYA: Tourists from 23 countries will be issued with single-entry visas for one month from Sept 1.

They would have to pay RM100 per visa upon arrival which is slightly more expensive than if they applied for it in their own countries.

Home Affairs Minister Datuk Seri Radzi Sheikh Ahmad (picture) said the move to boost Visit Malaysia Year 2007, only involved those arriving at international airports.

Those entering the country through other checkpoints would, however, have to apply for their visas in their home countries.

“The idea is to encourage them to come straight to Malaysia, to spend their money here first, instead of neighbouring countries,” Radzi told reporters after his ministrys post-Cabinet meeting yesterday.

He said the move would particularly benefit tourists from China, who are said to have difficulties in obtaining visas to Malaysia.

Besides China, the 23 countries include India, Pakistan, Myanmar and countries under the former Soviet Union.

“They can stay for one month and if they want to continue their stay, they will have to leave Malaysia and re-enter by paying another RM100,” Radzi said.

The arrangement will continue throughout next year and “for as long as it seems fit”, he said. “As long as it doesnt threaten Malaysias security… it will depend on the situation and we will monitor to see if it is good for Malaysia.”

Asked if the arrangement could be abused, Radzi said all visitors would be questioned by Immigration officers.

Tourism Minister Datuk Seri Tengku Adnan Tengku Mansor recently said visas should be done away with, or be issued upon arrival, if the country is to compete with its neighbours for tourists.

On the new ruling that employers and agents who are late in collecting their foreign workers will be fined, Radzi said the ministry would start enforcing this in “one or two weeks time”.

Employers who are late in collecting their foreign workers will be fined RM10 per hour.

Employers are to collect their foreign workers within five hours upon arrival or pay the fine.

Since Aug 1, foreign workers have been transferred from the arrival terminal at KLIA to the Immigration airport depot 20 minutes away where they are picked up.

Security here have to be tighten up before visit malaysia 2007. All the bad press about crimes recently…should be a wake up call for them.