Vios GT

My friend sent me this, the car is in Ipoh

This Vios remind me a lot about Scion tC… take a look at the picture below…

wow ! nice i always thought of spraying my vios that color… then stick the side decals like the evo 6 in fast n the furious … same color evo n vios…coolios !

mc net any vios drivers ? too bad no vios club in miri though …or else can organise n TT together… ^^

thumps up!!!

nice color scheme…done by monster garage rite? how bout the new vios, any modded pics of that?

anyone got map to monster garage? ><

another cool mod…nicely done

Just to add… Scion is part of Toyota Motor Cooperation, so hence some similarities to it.

How much would such mods cost in Miri, for the vios? (Bodykit + GT WIngs + Exaust systems + headlight + tail light)

Waseh…so nice, any Miri people gonna mod like this? :roll: