Vintage film camera fanatics?

Good day everyone. Just got registered,yea. good to see a community online for mirians.
Well anyways, i know this is slightly off topic. But hey, films are also photography in motion. :slight_smile:

well niways, just want to know whether are there any mirians out there who are interested in vintage film camera format? example, 8mm format, super 8 or 16mm? Hope there’s someone out there who does… cheers

Hi feinto,

Welcome to! :smiley:

Hi feinto!
Welcome to!

explore and enjoy!

thanks mate…i see you mirians are scattered all over the map eh…

“u mirians”??? I see someone has melbourne on their profile…ahem ahem…u mean “we mirians”, lol…

btw, im all for technology so not too familiar with film camera lingos…how bout an intro from an enthusiast? (thats you)

Hi feinto,

Selamat datai & nagkir ba MiriCommunity.Net. :smiley:

well…as you all know movies that you see nowadays are either shot on 35mm film or on High-Definition(HD)…The cameras i’m talking abt aer not those sorts…well i wish,but it’s too blardy expensive.

I’m talking film formats such as standard 8,super 8…

The standard 8 format goes way back to the early 1930s. It was fisrt developed by the Eastman Kodak for the consumers to create a home movie format much cheaper than the 16mm format. Then during the late 1960s, super 8 was released and quickly overtook the standard 8 because it has better image quality and easier to use…because super 8 films comes in catridges…whereas standard 8…u have to load manually…so there…
Personally i prefer the look of old films compared to video…like they say…what’s old is new…

ooh ooh! I went to see one of the 3D IMAX movies at Berjaya Time Square in KL, they’re using a cool 70mm film which projects at a screan that is 5 storeys high! down side is the ticket is RM15 (Advert: flash ur downloaded DiGi coupon on ur phone to get RM3 discount, T&C apply) andthe movie is <1 hour.

Hmm…the weird thing was it was atually Kodak that developed the digital camera Other brands commercialized it and made better models. Kesian Kodak.

yeap … IMAX and OMNIMAX uses 70mm film…It’s actually 65mm plus another 5mm for the soundstrip. The image shown not to mention is spectacular…so far i’ve not try the imax thingy ehhehe…maybe i shud someday.

I’m sure Kodak is earning in someways. Speaking of Kodak here are some tips of how to take a great picture :