Video - Snatch theft - Miri

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CRIME RATE NOT DOWN ! – Your are not Safe in front of your own house.

This video is merely ONE of the many incidents happened at MIRI, Permay Jaya housing area.
On 31st July, 2012 at around 7.30am, this lady victim was going work and sending off children to her mother, after reversed her car out from the car porch, she came down from the car to lock the gate while her 2 children waited in the car. A man hided in the bushes for quite some time holding a stick in his hand, came and opened the car door, in split second snatched the iPad in which one of the child was holding and escaped in the bushes again. her house were break-in twice last july.

Snatches, robbery and break-in are very common in the area, there are at least more than 5 cases around the same neighborhood each month .Complaints and reports were make on several occasions to the council about the unattended grass/bushes but no action were taken to clear it out, whereas it is supposedly a community playground.

There was occasion when residents called the police to inform that they witnessed a break-in to the neighbor’s house but resulting an insult by the police that why the resident still choose to stay there, when there are many cases as such happened. Worst still, it took the resident 4 to 5 hours to make ONE police report just because 1Malaysia police station’s computer breakdown.

The residents of Permay Jaya were quite disappointed and continuing to live in fear, the related authorities are taking crime cases very lightly and no changes were made to lower down crime rate. Hope that the authorities will look into this seriously and not until when any serious casualty happened.


that woman sendiri careless cannot blame police .if she lock the car door nothing will happen .lucky the guy didn’t run away with the car and kids.

the G should give 1malaysia computer to the police now.
hehe. and not forgetting the printer to print report.

The lady is careless… But the most important is - crime like this should not happened. They daring enough to break in a house at broad daylight, while the occupant still in… This crime should not happened. We should be able to live without fear at our own neighborhood or even in our own country from such crime

Need safety measure for sure. The resident should do something, don’t wait for the police to move their arse.

looked like indo