Verification vital before handing out govt aid for house repair

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Penguang (fifth right) presents a cheque to a representative of JKKK Rh Atam ak Jawi, Long Tisam B.

MIRI: The verification step on the list of recipients for Beluru District ‘Program Bantuan Rumah’ is vital to ensure only those eligible are given the federal government assistance to repair their houses.

Assistant Minister of Local Government Datu Dr Penguang Manggil said the previous list received revealed that a handful of potential recipients did not meet the criteria, including those who did not own a house or live in other areas.

“They should physically be at the longhouse and own a house before we hand out the money. Some information on the initial list is incorrect, so we are here to verify it.

“This would be useful for other future purposes such as plan to provide facilities and utilities,” the Marudi assemblyman said.

Penguang was met during the ‘Majlis Penyerahan Cek Projek Khas Yang Amat Berhormat Perdana Menteri bagi Dewan Undangan Negeri Marudi Tahun 2017 (first batch)’ followed by the ‘Mesyuarat Pemutihan Senarai Rumah Panjang Di Daerah Beluru, Kawasan DUN 76 Marudi’ meeting with Beluru District Office and several community leaders at a leading hotel here yesterday (Jan 12).

The meeting was held to provide a platform for them to confirm the list of eligible PBR beneficiaries at RM1,000 per door, thereby involving RM4 million in overall cost, he said.

“There are more than 140 longhouses on the first list of beneficiaries,” said Penguang, adding that they are in the process of inventorying infrastructure and profile requirements for each of the villages to plan their next development.

At the event, Penguang distributed cheques to 13 Village Security and Development Committees (JKKKs) involving a total RM487,500.