Vehicle Owners with High Intensity Lamps BEWARE!

Vehicle owners with high intensity headlamps beware
By Mohamad Abdullah

MIRI: The police here have been issued a directive to fine vehicle owners who continue to use prohibited high intensity headlamps.

Miri police chief ACP Jamaludin Ibrahim said traffic police will conduct roadblocks and operations to nab vehicle owners who continue to flout the law.

Im giving a stern warning to these vehicle owners to comply with the traffic laws or else they will face stiff penalties, said Jamaluddin.

Residents have been complaining about the wide use of high intensity headlamps here.

Penghulu Ahmad Lamat objected to the blinding glare of the light emitted from the headlamps.

It is very dangerous for other road users, he said and urged the police to crackdown on errant vehicle owners.

Rukun Tetangga Piasau Jaya Phase II chairman Samion Gani also feels such headlamps are not suitable as the wattage was too high and a hazard for other road users.

He called on the authorities to impound vehicles to force owners to reinstall original headlamps before the vehicles are released back on the road.

Give high fines to the offenders as it is very dangerous and causes poor visibility (for others), said Samion.

He related having to stop by the roadside one night as the glare from the high intensity headlamps of oncoming traffic was unbearable.

Faizal Abdullah agreed with the proposal for authorities to impound vehicles.

He too called on the authorities to enforce existing laws which ban the use of such lamps for the safety of other road users.

A quick survey by The Borneo Post found various types of high intensity headlamps and coloured headlamps being sold at car accessories shops.


Hell Yeah. It’s about damn time.

hmm maybe you have eye problems, no? …

So… are they even cracking down on down that come standard with HIDs/Xenons?

How do they decide if you are in violation of their law?

So even if the HID is installed properly (meaning aimed at a proper angle) and not right into the cabin of the car ahead of you, it will be impounded as well?