Vanessa Hudgens (High school musical) controvers

I guess its over for her career at Disney. I never did like High School Musical but given the popularity of the musical among kids/teens I guess it will have a big impact to someone.

High School Musical’ Star Nude Online

Vanessa Hudgens’ representative has confirmed that a nude photo circulating on the Internet is indeed the 18-year-old star of Disney Channel’s wildly popular “High School Musical” movies.

“This was a photo which was taken privately,” said Jill Fritzo, Hudgens’ publicist, on Friday. “It is a personal matter and it is unfortunate that this has become public.”

The photo shows the 18-year-old actress standing naked in what appears to be a bathroom, with a red shower curtain behind her.

The Disney Channel (part of the Walt Disney Co.) denied a published report that Hudgens will be dropped from the upcoming feature film “High School Musical 3.” That movie is in development and negotiations with the stars are incomplete.

Disney had no further comment about the pictures.

Hudgens portrayed Gabriella, the brainy love interest of Zac Efron’s basketball star in the first two “High School Musical” made-for-cable movies. The two are said to be dating in real life.

“High School Musical 2” attracted more than 17 million viewers for its Disney Channel premiere in August, the most-watched television program of the summer. … 00000.html

Its all over the web already. :shock:

sigh What is the world coming to if a young, only-barely-legal lady can’t display her own nude photos for the entire world to see without getting criticized… lol

Ah Hollywood… filling our lives with drama so we need to go searching for our own.

Nothing is a bad publicity in hollywood.
The fattest to get notice is to do crazy thing or release a “stolen” sex video.

I’d fap to that …lol