Vancancy for QMR Clerk


  1. Position in the Company: QMR Clerk

  2. Qualifications: SPM

  3. Experience: Minimum 1 year experience in clerical work.

  4. Responsibility:
    The role of the QMR Clerk is to help the office personnel in their daily tasks.
    a) Provide support in variety of capabilities, which may include: copy services; office supplies,equipment and inventory, administrative
    assistance etc. Assist in typing out letter,write-ups etc. or whatever requested so;assistance etc.
    b) QMR in some aspects of the office administration.
    c) Helps to distributing all correspondences(letter/fax/emails/drawings) to relevant officer for action related to QMR.
    d) Helps in filing of all documents.
    e) Perform any other duties as assigned from time to time.
    f) Compile,copy,sort, and file records of office activities, busines transaction, and other activities.
    g) Compute,record,and proofread data and other information, suh as records or reports.
    h) Maintain and update filing,inventory, and database systems, either maually or using computer.
    i) Review files,records and other documents to obtain information to respond to requestd.
    j) Process and prepare documents, such as forms.

  5. Authority: ------------------Nil--------------------

  6. Skills / Ability
    a) Polite and well mannered at all times.
    b) Able to use basic Microsoft Office Words and Excel.

  7. Line of Reporting
    Report to QMR.

Those who are interested with this position. Please e-mail your resume to the following: