Valentines day

What are your plans for valentines day? This year Valentine Day is very special because it coincides with 1st day of Chinese New Year celebration.

Where is the best place to celebrate Valentine Day?

Valentine Dinner @ Parkcity…

Valentines day? hmmm… GO to Gl and lepak with China girl! hahahah, at least that’s what i’ll think i’ll be doing anyways. no GF nia lol

pelantin day? no idea yet…

waiting for up-skirts moment.
No undies right? 8)


Where is the best place to celebrate Valentine Day?[/quote]

imagine that at one place got 10 couples…out of 10, 8 couples probably related to in one way or another. :mrgreen:

spend valentine day at church…

siamese secrets got valentines package.

siamese secrets? where’s that? What IS that?

Spend your Valentines Day in one of those caves at Tanjung Lobang with your loved one, bottle of 80% alcohol, a box of Durex and a blanket…

A pillow and a mattress?

A pillow and a mattress?[/quote]

all in CNY sales…good discount too…and skip Court Mammoth.

[quote=“MetalHead”]waiting for up-skirts moment.
No undies right? 8)[/quote]

Hahahaha… a sudden spike in file transfer right after Valentine’s day… TMnet lagg already in our area, it will lagg even more during that particular days…

V’day is such a rip off! haha

For me, I’ll choose a place where less couple go. HAhaha…

Get married first, then everyday is valentine’s day! but sometime, valentine also need time off and go to the beach and just be alone while sipping pinacolada under a coconut tree and enjoy the sunset…

me and my going to enjoy dinner at hilton. its going to be surprise. bought her a new ring too. habib jewels!

Hmm… wei fallenelves, how’s a bout a BBQ session by teh beach on V-day! lolx. U guys can bring your family and all that, i’ll just EAT EAT EAT hahaha

Cannot la dude, heading back to Brunei for family dinner on the eve of CNY, and got open house there too, only available on 3rd day… buzz me lah if you want to come over for a visit to my place in Miri… cheers mate!

tht doesn’t sound very romantic :slight_smile: