Vacation spot for couples in Miri

hai guys. need your help. i’m still new here in miri, and my gf from kl keep bugging me to bring her jalan2 in miri. is there any great vacation spot for couple here? like beaches or for outdoor activities? budget below rm1k. thank you. appreciate the help. :slight_smile:

Hmm…let me see,i think the most you’re gonna spend is your fuel.
Esplanade is a great place (beach) for couples to hangout.just try to stay in the middle area of the beach cause guys tend to blast their soundsystem like crazy at the end of the beach.
Tanjung (beach) is a great place too,but with all the renovation taking place,don’t bother going there.
The Grand Old Lady is great too,they just built a bistro on top so you can drink and watch the view of the city at night.
Don’t bother going out for movies at night cause they theater in Miri sucks.

lol…even RM100 also enuf if juz within Miri area include 1 proper meal for 2…
basically its juz beach n beach n beach…shopping malls i bet u noe d… Taman Awam, or head to Grand Old Lady,the Dino thingy is available now…

wan further, drive to bekenu.again,beaches… or Batu Niah,explore Niah cave…

as long as u dun go the dark dark places … miri alot of snatch thief n or some robbers… go harzard bistro at canada hill …

thanks guys. the cafe at old lady sounds awesome. btw how far is it from miri to niah national park?

drive safely u will reach there in an hour time…drive like a boss 40minit is possible… 8)

haha…Dont vacation at miri, now miri is unsafe place…ahah

is it really dangerous here? since im from kuching so i thought that its the same like kuching too. :stuck_out_tongue: though when i came here i heard there was someone who got shot publicly here. :shock:

place to go for couple. beach!
or go esplanade or marina bay. for enjoying sun set.
or jalan at the taman awam,got hanging bridge.
nite can go grand old lady.enjoy nite view n drink2
shopping n food not much here lah if compare to kuch cause i go kuch to shop n increase my weight. =D

if u wan to drive out of town.
niah national park i tink 1 hour plus drive,frget alrdy. then need to jungle trek to go to the gua. n arrive at the gua then really dark inside. some would prefer mulu national park,but need to take flight sumore.
better go to beach like bungai beach 30-40mins drive if x mistaken, tusan cliff also nice.

Go borneo rain forest… sure enjoy one ^^ below rm300

u mean the resort or the festival? if the festival i already went :smiley: if the resort, hmmm looks nice. that price u mention is for how many days? :slight_smile:

u mean the resort or the festival? if the festival i already went :smiley: if the resort, hmmm looks nice. that price u mention is for how many days? :)[/quote]
The Borneo Rainforest Resort about 30-45 minutes drive on old Miri-Bintulu road is a nice place especially for the urban dwellings! There are many chalets with various rates. They are placed strategically in the resort jungle area. I stayed there for a night with my family. The staffs were very friendly. There was a night walk, a tractor and a boat ride; all thrown in FOC. You can see live Tarantula Spiders near their nests during the night walk! What a surprise! They also have a small water park and it is good for the kids as well as adults. They also have a day trip package. Just do Googling for further info. I recommend the place for an away from busy schedule outing.

Take her to Mulu National Park. 30mins flight from Miri. The only worthy place to go.

Beach Republic is nice for the evening. Nice food and relaxing environment for a couple of beers. Safe too!

here the website for ur reference, it is a very good place for a short vacation. few of my friend had been there, they give a very good feedback. price is still reasonable.

if she got passport, take her to Brunei for 2 days 1 night trip, it will be more than enough

crocodile farm… :slight_smile: … Jangan Jadi buaya sudah… hihihi J.K


this is our website.

Hi boljack, here’s some suggestion for you:

  1. Miri town sightseeing - Canada hill, taman awam, miri city fan, crocodile farm, tanjung beach, esplanade beach, marina bay etc…
  2. Miri National park - 1)Lambir National park (waterfall + trekking) - 45minutes drive from Miri. 2) Niah national park (Cave) - 1.5hours drive from Miri. 3)Eve’s Garden national park (marine) - diving, can contact coco dive for more info.
  3. Borneo tropical rainforest - 45 minutes drive from miri
  4. Brunei - Empire hotel (no need overnight, can go visit only), brunei city tour
  5. Mulu - have to overnight, budget more than 1k for 2 person include flight. If you dont mind to stay at cheap lodge (dorm style), budget can cut till below 1k for 2 person, but the place is worth to go. :smiley:

if you wan her to hav a good memories for her 1st visit to miri, you should go for tour (with a guide, so the guide will explain more and details about the places that you will visit). :wink: