Vacancy - Procurement Assistant

Procurement Assistant

Main Duties

  1. Procurement / Purchasing
  2. Keep Inventory Records
  3. Maintain proper filing and documentation
  4. Liase with suppliers to get quotations.


  1. Degree/Diploma in Business admin or equivalent
  2. Ability to work independently and meet deadlines.

Interested applicants pls email CV + Photo + Certificates to

i send already 5 mins ago but still no reply.

SInce when do you need a Degree or a Diploma for for this kind of post? Sorry but I just had to ask. Cheers ~

u think very easy ah this job, u hire UPSR ppl later they spell “procurement” as “pedicure”


ANyway do check out for anyone who’s interested

ohhh let me think

how come i bcome new member… with 1 post

so wats ur salary u wanna provide to a diploma holder.?

isit around 1000-1500 … ?

I’m Diploma In Business Management …

pinky3040: maybe - subject to review of your qualification and experience