Vacancy at IBS College

Dear all MC members, there are several job vacancies at IBS College.

  1. Account Assistant
    SPM or Form 6 graduate, job scope include issuing receipts, checking UBS accounts, bank transactions and so on.

  2. Exam Department Administration Assistant
    SPM or Form 6 graduate, job scope include helping students with inquiries,managing student records, and filing.

  3. Business Lecturers
    Individuals who are Masters Degree Graduates in any field of Business can apply for lecturers position in IBS College

Anyone who are interested can contact the IBS College office at 085-438666 or PM me. Thanks.

Anyone still interested the positions are still open for inquiry. Thanks.

…pull it off coz someone asked me to do it…pity…

Don’t you think there are reasons why she is behaving that way? don’t just judge her like that. Afterall, you must know that she is a very dedicated person who works like 7 days a week… with no complains. please la.

LOls hahaaha

har? work 7 days a week? no life?

how come ibs didnt pay her for the extra hours she’s working… brrrr… scary lo to apply in IBS…

still available?

still available?? my cuzin interested into it …