Implement, direct and monitor departmental policies and procedures and ensure efficient site administration processes set up.
To implement and ensure the compliance of company quality system i.e. ISO 9001:2000
Assist to plan and create conductive working environment for workers to enhance safety and comfort.
Formulate and develop desirable corporate culture and drive all personnel towards it.
Counsel personnel as needed in areas such as worker relations, and legal requirements related to personnel.
Investigate into and report on workers grievances.
To establish and maintain effective working relationships with other relevant government departments such as the SOCSO office, Inland Revenue,  
            JPJ and Police Department.
Control of meal coupon / cash coupon. 
Ensure the compliance of companys policies and regulations by all workers, ensure workers perform his/her duty during office hours
Arrange transport for related parties required

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Administration and Human Resource Department,
Survey Lot 2125, Asean Bridge, Kuala Baram, Sungai Tujuh,
98008, Miri, Sarawak.

Tel: 085-406566/406516 Fax: 085-406999