Vacancies For Drilling Crew

Hey all,

I am seeking experienced personnel for the following positions for upcoming project in Malaysia waters working on a 4 on 2 weeks off rotation aboard jack up rig.

  1. Radio Operator - holding General Operator Certificate – 4 Nos
  2. Floorman / Roughneck - working on Rig Floor ---- 5 Nos
  3. Pumpman - working in Pump Room ---- 3 Nos
  4. Derrickman - on the monkey board ---- 3 Nos
  5. Deck Pusher / Supervisor — 3 Nos
  6. Assistant Driller - possess valid Basic Well Control Course —2 Nos

Applicants should have valid tropical boset course, pmu medical and be able to communicate in English. Preference to those who have worked above 3 years in the oil and gas industry.

If interested please sent cv and scan copies of testimonials, seaman book, tropical boset certificate, pmu medical report and certificates to

Thank you and Good Luck !!

So far only one is qualified for Radio Operator position.
Thank you for trying.

how my CV …i ready send to u…my name Norhafiz Bin Mohammad Ikarm and my email

I am sourcing for 2 qualified and experienced painters.

Any offshore painters out there ?
Job available 1st week of March at Johore Bahru. Anchorage near to yard on Semi-submersible Rig.
Has a nice week end.

still available or not?

You can submit your cv and other related documents for future reference.

still available?

radio operator job is it still available??