Vacancies - Accounts Assistant

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Are you looking for vacancies or are you advertising vacancies?

what company name??do full set account??at whr??

look like strawberry is looking for a job.

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[quote=“strawberry”]ADVERTISING VACANCIES…anyone interested please PM me
location is krokop…
hopefully can do full set account…if cannot do but interested can PM also.[/quote]
cannot do full set a/c? :shock: use ubs accounting system guranty boleh balance account. :mrgreen: not like the old time accpac accounting system single post or incomplete posting also can be done.

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[quote=“strawberry”]rabbit i think u r not in accounts filed

ya UBS can do it everything to u but most imporatant u need understand what component contribute to balance sheet and P & L. sometimes UBS also cannot balance that the thing the staff wrongly coding.

if u said UBS can do it how come audit firm need to do own audited account how come not just print the BS & P & l to do the audited account and some comapany r not using UBS system they have they own accounting system.[/quote]

i never see ubs cannot balance b4. :mrgreen:
did u divide ur account into management, project, manufacturing a/c?
audit firm they cut ur account into pieces lah. that’s why in audit report it self u can see so many information from manufacturing account, management account, debtor list, creditor list, cash flow a/c and bla bla bla. see there are other information that was keep inside to files include detailed salary, contract wages,commision, and etc buyer and supplier detail. then all goes to tax site calculate the taxable amount a company need to pay to the IRB. company secreatry files annual return. final piece of book come out showing ur audited account.

i use to encounter a lady she say account where can got balance 1. :shock: if u put debit then there must be a credit simple as 123, don’t throw away anything u learn at bookkeping level1.

how about if my company not use UBS system? my comapany use own accounting system not like UBS such a complete 1 so if u do not know full set account so how contribute BS & P & L ? that mean that i ask my boss change to UBS system kah???

no need change. if change susah every thing start from 0. u guide the account assistant supervise them.
if not after go for audit everyone susah. :mrgreen: