Utopia is an online strategy game that has about 150,000 players. It was created in 1998 by Swirve Inc. (formerly known as Echelon Entertainment and Solaria Games).

Each player in Utopia controls a province. Each province is part of a kingdom. The goal of the game is to create both a powerful province as well as a powerful kingdom. Powerful kingdoms can only be created if the players work together. A game of Utopia typically lasts about three months, and is called an Age. At the start of each Age, every player starts with a fresh province

*Utopia is a medieval fantasy game played on the web directly through your browser

I played this utopia since 1998, so the new age is about to start and just to share with you this interesting webbased game. no downloads require, free to play, meeting friends all around the world & 2 x winner of people’s voice webby gaming site of the year.