Utoken makes money

What is UToken?
UToken is no longer a stranger medium in the current digital era as it is blazoned over 25 countries and more to expand. UTokens are issued by UToken Reserve Limited a group of established international body representative from the Internet Technology, Business, Banking, Investors and Networking Industries.

Globally Barter Exchange
Its a digital medium of exchange which you can use globally and with the advantage of Internet. Compare to other alternatives, this unique platform has number of advantages; Usage it as medium of barter for exchange, Investment Growth Opportunity, Payment Method, Transfer your UToken to any interested party, Present your UToken as a gift, Charity to the Welfare Organization and many more in near future. iconWhat is UToken Reserve
UToken are issued by UToken Reserve Limited. With its independent international Board members consist of bankers and professionals, UToken committed to grow its Capital Adequacy Ratio(CAR) with structured investment of prudent management.
For every UToken issued to the market, 22% of the value will be pegged by UToken Reserve Ltd as the capital adequacy ratio to form reserve liquidity conforming to BASEL guidelines. UToken reserve is deposited in a trust bank where it is fully insured by Grade A Insurance. Co. Trust bank will maintain deposit on behalf of UToken Reserve. Thus, creating a safe record for receipt keeping which will allow for credit financing.

Advantages and Benefits of UToken.

  • The value of UToken is determined on the financial markets by adopting centralized fractional reserve banking method
  • UToken is not a crypto currency as you cannot dig up UTokens from a computer server.
  • Eliminate the Cash Transaction and lowers the risk of crime
  • Ease your worry about the Economy Inflation
  • No boundary and limit to the access of Internet Finance
  • You can chose to treat UToken as your active or even passive income upon your convenience
  • Lower Return when you deposit your cash into traditional bank; higher return comparably when you possess Tokens that are held by the Information Technology Sector
  • Allows Trading to takes place (Buy & Sell)
  • Centralized system that assures smart movement track
  • High security log in and usage
  • Protects the Privacy and Interest of UToken User according to our policy
  • High collective of international networking base across 25 countries
  • You will be able to digitally transfer UToken to other interested party that owns an account with UTOKEN
  • Present your UToken as a gift to even public members
  • An accepted mode of Charity Welfare(only selected listed charity organization)
  • Diversified Investment Growth Opportunity
  • An improve regulatory framework that will be widely accepted by merchants around the world.

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History of UToken