Ushering in good fortune with Feng Shui

MIRI: Apart from keeping to their New Year resolutions, many are busy purchasing Feng Shui decorations in the hopes of good luck, fortune and prosperity for the year ahead.

Feng Shui ornaments trader Thian Siew Foong revealed that the Feng Shui market has expanded from the Chinese community to include other races, such as the Malays and Dayaks.

“The reason is simple; it is because Feng Shui has nothing to do with religion. It is about making your surroundings comfortable and filled with positive energy, which in turn attracts wealth, good health and more,” she told The Borneo Post when met yesterday.

A few of the most popular Feng Shui ornaments among the locals here included the Wen Chang Pagoda, Sycee, Golden Rice Bowl, Three Gods of Fortune, Prosperity And Longevity and The Feng Shui Five Elements, Thian explained.

“The pagoda is named after the famed Chinese General Wen Chang. Aside from the ancient culture, art and architecture that have great historical value, the layers of the towers and altitude of the tower signifies power and your luck.

“Such an ornament is usually used by those who want to improve their luck in their career or business,” she said.

For a simpler ornament, Thian revealed that placing a Sycee (Yuan Bao in Mandarin) — a gold ingot — at a strategic place in the house symbolises prosperity.

Sycee is usually frequently displayed during the New Year, representing a prosperous year ahead.

Another similar Feng Shui ornament to the Sycee, according to Thian, is the Golden Rice Bowl (Jin Fan Wan) which symbolises a secure and lucrative job.

“To have good fortune, it is only logical if we have a stable job and more importantly, a yearly salary raise and promotion. Therefore, the Golden Rice Bowl not only symbolises such luck, in the study of Feng Shui, it also means that we have to work hard in order for a good return in the form of salary (money). This is important, especially for young people as money doesn’t just fall from the sky as need to work for it,” she said.

For those with family, Thian explained that The Three Gods of Fortune, Prosperity and Longevity (Fu Lu Shou in Mandarin) are great ornaments to place at home.

“The God of Fortune brings blessings for happiness and good luck; the God of Prosperity promises a financially stable life; whilst the God of Longevity promises long life and good health. The combination of the three brings good balance and positive energy to the family all year long.”

Thian advised that one should not use the five elements to bring balance only to oneself, but also to their surroundings.

“The five elements — Water, Fire, Gold, Wood and Earth cover everything from the air we breathe to the soil we stand on and everything we touch. All of which require a moderate balance in life,” she said.