Use social media wisely, youths told

MIRI: Fast and effective spread of information has made the social media popular among the people, especially youths.

Telang Usan assemblyman Dennis Ngau mentioned this at the closing of Youth Transformation Programme Friend I Love Family I Remember, who reminded the participants of the programme to be wise with information they get from the internet.

Being popular among young people, Dennis told them that some irresponsible individuals use the internet and social media to entrap and entice youths to join and promote negative ideas and ideologies.

Some nave youth can be easily influenced and believe or accept the information they gathered and got online as true facts and correct. There are both good and bad information that they get online. Therefore it is important for them to be wise with information or when going online, he said.

Citing Islamic State of Syria (Isis) as an outfit which used social media to recruit members globally including in Malaysia, Dennis said more than 100 Malaysians had become its members and support Isis ideologies and fight without thinking of its relevancy to the country and their religion.

Dont be easily influenced with what you get and read online although they (information) are the latest. A lot of good will come and you can go beyond expectation if you apply or use the information wisely and in correct manners and ways. They will be harmful and destructive if you dont fully understand or use the information for wrong reasons, he added.

Reminding them to be more responsible with what they get and learn online, the assemblyman said it was important for youths to believe and have confidence in themselves.

He said they must be committed and have strong will and determination to be successful members of the society who can contribute to the development and progress of the country.

It is important for you to respect, love and care for others such as friends and family members. They will mould you to be more responsible, confident and a balanced individual. These values also instil goodwill, unity and team spirit not only among youth but the larger society, he added.

A total of 65 youth from Telang Usan attended the three-day programme organised by Ministry of Social Development in collaboration with Parti Pesaka Bumiputera Bersatu (PBB) Telang Usan Youth wing.