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Using a Migration Agent

What services can migration agents provide?

A migration agent can:

advise you on the visa that may best suit you
tell you the documents you will need to submit with your application
help you fill out the application form
submit the application for you
communicate with the department on your behalf
From 1 October 2006 registered migration agents, in Australia and outside Australia, may certify copies of original documents that relate to visa applications, provided that their registration is not currently suspended and they are not subject to a caution that is in effect. 

You do not need to use a migration agent to lodge any kind of visa application or asylum claim. Your application will not be decided any sooner if you use a migration agent and they cannot influence the outcome of your application.

However, if you do not feel confident in lodging an application, or if your case is complex, you may wish to use a migration agent to help you.

All visa applications, regardless of whether they are lodged by the applicant or through a migration agent, are processed and decided in accordance with relevant migration legislation by an officer delegated by the Minister.

A migration agent cannot influence the outcome of your application. Using a migration agent may ensure your application is lodged with all the information needed to process it quickly, however using a migration agent does not mean your application will be given priority over applicants not using a migration agent.

Using a migration agent in Australia

In Australia, migration agents must be registered with the Migration Agents Registration Authority (MARA) in order to provide immigration assistance services.

See: Using a Migration Agent Registered with the MARA … /index.htm

Using a migration agent outside Australia

If you are outside Australia, you do not have to use a migration agent registered with the MARA. However, the Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC) recommends that you use an agent who is registered with the MARA where possible.

Registration with the MARA requires the migration agent to provide a professional service as set out in the Code of Conduct, whether they work in Australia or overseas.
See: Using a Migration Agent Registered with the MARA
When searching for a migration agent in your country, you should:
consider using an agent in your country who is registered with the Migration Agents Registration Authority (MARA) in Australia, if available
make sure that the agent that you use meets any local laws or registration requirements in your country.
See: Using a Migration Agent Outside Australia … /index.htm

Australian registered migration agents are listed on the Register of Migration Agents on the MARA website. The Code of Conduct for registered migration agents is also available on the MARA website. See:

If a client believes that a registered migration agent has acted in breach of the Code of Conduct, a complaint may be made in writing to:

Migration Agents Registration Authority
PO box Q1551 QBV
NSW 1230

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