US: Racial IQ tests hurt the feelings of Blacks & Hispanics

U.S. to Harvard University: Don’t publish report on which races have the highest and lowest IQ

Pressure continues to pile up against Harvard University after the publication of its research on racial IQ, something that led to the resignation of Professor Jason Richwine from the Heritage Foundation. The university was condemned for approving and publishing the thesis, with some calling it “racist”. The uproar has also sparked a debate about academic freedom as well as academic integrity, with proponents arguing that everything could be studied, while opponents saying some subjects should be left untouched.

US to Harvard University: It might be too sensitive to study racial intelligence

Supporters point to Stephen Hsu, a theoretical physicist who is currently searching for an intelligence gene to ultimately help China engineer ‘genius babies’. “At BGI Shenzhen, scientists have collected DNA samples from 2,000 of the world’s smartest people and are sequencing their entire genomes in an attempt to identify the alleles which determine human intelligence,” said Geoffrey Miller, professor of evolutionary psychology at the University of New Mexico.

“Apparently they’re not far from finding them, and when they do, embryo screening will allow parents to pick their brightest zygote and potentially bump up every generation’s intelligence by five to 15 IQ points. And we’re pretty far behind.” Miller said in response to question about how the U.S. compares to China in cognitive genomics research.

“We have the same technical capabilities, the same statistical capabilities to analyze the data, but they (Chinese) are collecting the data on a much larger scale and seem to be capable of transforming the scientific findings into government policy and consumer genetic testing much more easily than we are. Technically and scientifically we could be doing this, but we’re not… We have ideological biases that say, well, this could be troubling, we shouldn’t be meddling with nature, we shouldn’t be meddling with God, and more…”
China allocated billions into research in hopes to engineer generations of ‘genius babies’

“I just attended a debate in New York a few weeks ago about whether or not we should outlaw genetic engineering in babies and the audience was pretty split. In China, 95 percent of the audience would say, ‘Obviously you should make babies genetically healthier, happier, and brighter!’ There’s a big cultural difference,” Miller added. China has allocated $1.5 billion, and promised more, for the research.

Twenty-three student organizations have sent a joint letter criticizing the research. “Let us be clear that we believe in academic freedom as it is crucial to the functioning of a university. However, we also believe that putting forth claims of racial superiority based on inherent genetic advantage to be on par with those who have used pseudo-science throughout history to justify state-based hate,” the letter reads.

At the center of controversy is that Professor Jason Richwine, author of the research, added in his political opinion, by saying America shouldn’t let low IQ immigrants into the country. On the finding that Hispanics have lower IQ than the Whites, he said, “low IQ is likely an underlying cause of the Hispanic underclass, and that new Hispanic immigrants will probably have low-IQ children and grandchildren.”

US: Racial IQ studies might be used to justify racism against Blacks and Hispanics

He also argues for of an immigration policy that would favor “high-IQ immigrants” as a way to help them and America. “No one knows whether Hispanics will ever reach IQ parity with whites,” he added. Hispanics is one of the largest waves of immigrants into America every year, but group is constantly plagued by violence, crimes and gangsterism, and is at the bottom of the country’s socio-economic ladder alongside the Blacks.

The debates on racial intelligence is always a heated one, because Blacks score the lowest point in all indicators, and the studies could be used as a case of racism against them. On the other hand, the Jews (especially Ashkenazi Jews) were revealed to have the highest average IQ among all races in the world, something that could attract every kinds of conspiracy theories towards them.

Harvard, one of the world’s most prestigious university, has long conducted research on racial intelligence. Professor Arthur Jensen was one of the first researchers to propose in 1969 that the IQ gap between blacks and whites is best explained partly by genetic factors. Richard Lynn in 1991 attracted controversies by saying that his findings showed East Asians were more intelligent than both the Whites and the Blacks. He later published the famous book ‘IQ and the Wealth of Nations’, a publication that claimed a nation’s success is dependent on its citizen’s IQ.
The Jewish people are found to have the highest IQ, and Albert Einstein was among one of them

In 1994, Harvard researchers Richard Herrnstein and Charles Murray caused uproar in their argument termed ‘The Bell Curve’, which says that programs to boost black academic performance might be futile because blacks are innately less intelligent than whites; and in 2007 Nobel laureate and former Harvard professor James Watson ascribed Africa’s social problems to African’s genetic inferiority. He said that is why no Black-majority nation succeed.

Research on racial IQ basically found similar pattern worldwide; Jews have the highest average IQ at 110-118, and the best among them is found in the Ashkenazi Jewish group. This is followed by the East Asians (Chinese, Vietnamese, Japanese and Koreans) at 100-106, with varying results. Overseas Chinese are found to be smarter than the Japanese and Koreans, who in turn are brighter than Mainland Chinese. Vietnamese (geographically Southeast Asians but culturally East Asians) have the lowest IQ among East Asians at 95-96.

Caucausians (White) came third at an average IQ of 99-100. Despite that, there are wide disparities. The finest group of Whites; Scandinavians, British, German, Italian and Dutch, have an IQ of 105-106. Others like Greeks, Spanish, Portuguese appear to have lower IQ point, while Russian average IQ comes at 96-98.

The world’s average IQ by countries

Hispanics (Latinos) and Southeast Asians (Thais, Khmers, Filipinos, Malays) are pretty much on par with each other, with both fetching an average IQ between 86-93. In Latin America, Chile, Uruguay and Argentina, the 3 White-majority nations, exhibited the highest IQ in the region. In Southeast Asia (excluding Vietnam), Malaysia and Thailand, whose demographics comprised of a significant East Asian population, are found to have the highest IQ in the region.

Average IQ for Indians range between 81-86, but for overseas Indians it could top 92. Across the Middle East, the Arab people have a mean IQ of 81-84. After Israel, Turkey was found to have the second highest IQ in the region at about 90. Blacks, meanwhile, rank at the most bottom of the world’s IQ scores, though results may vary depending on residence. Blacks in Africa have an average IQ of 60-70, while their Carribean counterpart 70-72. IQ of Blacks living in the West could top 82-86. Primitive Bushmen in Southwest Africa, on the other hand, have an IQ of 54.

IQ of Black people remain painfully low compared to the world, subjecting them to regular racist stereotypes

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