US market dropped 1000 points before getting back

In what may indicate possibilities of another financial crisis, the US stock index DJIA dropped 1,000 points before recovering and eventually closing at 350 pts lower.

The European banks have just bailed out Greece in its crisis, however, reports shown that banks in Spain, Portugal, Italy, Ireland and the UK are likewise, unstable and may accelerated into another meltdown. The ECB, after spending around $150bn bailing out Greece, will not have sufficient money reserves to bail out those countries again by then.

The news plunged Euro to its lowest in 14 mths

its pretty interesting, all along im in stocks, forex is not what i like to do but i’m going speculate euro against what i deemed more stable canadian & australian dollar

continuing from above, as per my may 7 post, it seems the bet is correct, euro indeed fall against cad & aud

on the other hand, i believe gdp has been pumped down for months due to election fear, now that things are pretty much settled, there should be some relief and the pound should be able to rebound, i’ll speculate next gdp against usd

also, where are the experts who always advertise everything forex here? :?: :?:

Can someone enlighten me ?
Does this means that you buy, let’s say USD when its low, then later sell it when it rebound ???

And how do you actually buy this currency ?? from banks / money exchanger ???

prediction for GBP seems to be incorrect one, but nevertheless, GBP rebounds today after days of plunge.

with currencies, because its paired against one another, i.e. USD/EUR, you can earn either way (rise or fall) with the correct bet against the paired currency.

do not use money exchanger to speculate currency, the buy/sell spread is simply too wide. and those ‘online forex brokerage’ many advertised their referral links here, they are pretty much scam, many give unrealistic 1:200 , 1:400 leverage, or simply manipulate spot rate.

trade through banks or trade fx options, if unavailable locally, go to the nearest international financial center (singapore? hk? tokyo?) and establish an account with relevant banks or brokerage firms offering such trade.

anyway though, if im to choose, i prefer stocks more.