US cable sparks guessing game on Najib's gay associates?

The reactivated sodomy trial against Anwar Ibrahim, dubbed Sodomy II, was never a moral campaign by Prime Minister Najib Razaks adminstration. It was purely a political and evil attempt at removing the thorn in UMNOs flesh, and destroying the lynch pin for the political Opposition in Malaysia, and once and for all and restoring UMNOs hold on the country.This was clearly stated in the latest leaked US diplomatic cable.

The cable was unusual in that it detailed the observations and comments by the US Consulate in Malaysia. In what may be the most non-partisan observation on the case, the cable states the obvious - that the trial is a farce and engineered to put to death Anwar Ibrahims political career. In the various scenarios listed within the document, Anwar would be brought down - either as a politician or as a public figure.

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