Ur boss?My boss?

Becoming a boss is not easy task coz u micro manage people instead or machine…so are satisfy with ur boss or are u a good boss??

  1. LISTEN to “kuli keng”

“So wat u think?”…u responded with gud suggestion n idea…but at the end u get this respon “No…u dun understand…” “But but but im saying bla bla…”

better dun ask other ppl opinions…

Haha, if you can tackle that problem, you would be the chosen as the best CEO on the world :wink:
Working under a boss is also tiring at times, sometimes, you dont get bad treatment eventhough you made good jobs, and done everything they asked of you.
It’s just sucks.

  1. Talking/Instructions

I think we should do this that…my team will do that…no worry…gerenti boleh punya…“excuse me can u do that for me and i take the credit?”


  1. Equal Treatment

??non exist element :o

There’s always bad bosses and good bosses. I have come across a lot of good ones and bad ones. Signs of bad ones normally micromanage their staff. Not always, but most of the time it leads to this.

As for me I don’t tolerate incompetent and ‘catching snake’ staff who’re actually proud of themselves being such. I also hate workers that keep blaming things left and right, or saying that the boss is always out ‘yamcha’ when in fact it is casual dealing with important clients.

In Miri, I seldom meet office or sales workers actually not complaining about petty things or rumors that are not proven yet.

Oh well, we all have our complaints.