[updated 11/5]Gift for Mummy who is an animal lover!

Hard to find a good gift for your dearest mum who is an animal lovers? Look no further. Henry Cats & Friends product is your solution!

Henry Cats & Friends product ranging from Collectibles, Home & Living, Stationery & Desk as well as Fashion & Accessories. All with lovely animals printed on them, prices ranging from RM5 to RM300

Please feel free to visit our kiosk located at 2nd Floor, Boulevard Shopping Mall, Miri held by Deluxe Fashion House or contact 085-426880 (Ms Sia) for more information.

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Henry-Cat … 6591661128

Emery Board

Travel Mug 480ml

Neck Shawl

Square Pillow Cover

Note Book

Make-up Pouch

Iphone 4 Case


Duffel Bag - Henry Cats

Duffel Bag - Herny Dogs

Premium PVC Bag

Photo Frame Memo Pad

Eyeglasses Case

Shaped Pillow

Name Card Case c/w Mirror


Artstone - March

Artstone - Buddy

Envelop Wallet