After few days,

1st thing to clarify, business with yankee is on the laptop (Acer) at RM2200, HDD is a FOC Item not included in the price paid.

A laptop was sold to yankee on Saturday afternoon, after viewing and testing, he agreed and satisfied. Price confirmed after negotiation is RM2200. yankee told me he’s only manage to pay RM2000 on the spot and balance after he received his salary. Therefore, i told him i’ll let him have the laptop first then the HDD after full payment. On Saturday night, i was called up to redo and clean up the datas to yankee personal details so i rushed up his house from airport side to Kuala Baram to fix it for him. At night, he sudden pay me the balance RM200 and told me not rush about the HDD. I told him i’ll pass it over asap.

On Sunday, there’s some emergency on out station project, and as a project coordinator, i rushed to the site to do re-arrangement. On Thursday, yankee called up and i missed his call once. He straight sms me with harsh words saying i want to cheat him (the fact is that laptop is with him, only FOC HDD is at my house). When looking at his sms, i apologize for my delay and requested his house address so that i can call up any friends in Miri to help send the HDD over since i’m outstation. BUT, he replied me again roughly saying i’m doing nonsense and talking nonsense plus i’m not a man, etc. I have no choice to do, as i’m apologize and ask his address (either ask any friend to send over or courier to him since i knew i can’t confirm how long i’m staying out station). It’s hurting viewing the sms yankee sent to me and i don’t know how to give him an acknowledgement.

Lastly, i requested an apologization from him for the words. He didn’t so i didnt entertain him untill bulat ask me to let go and just send to him. On that particular night, i sent over after my meeting at around 11pm. Case close and sorry for bringing the troubles here. Thanks.

Kasihan :cry:

Yankee should be patient.

never mind lah. customer always right mah… even when their bulan come and get unreasonable also must respect bah…

Now that Jackson told his side of the story, let this be a lesson to sellers to be very careful on their own terms and conditions. As the disclaimer now states, MiriCommunity.net cannot be held liable for any incidents or disputes and such cases should be taken elsewhere and settled on their own initiative. Mods cannot be the judge of who’s right and who’s wrong, will not take sides and certainly won’t (and can’t) investigate into it unless done on their own will personally, because the transactions are done offline.

You’re never been in business have you?

not all customer always right…

You’re never been in business have you?[/quote]

of course. i’m always a customer so i must believe customers always right mah… consider yourself lucky i don’t go funny once every month…

You’re forgetting business owners are customers too. You certainly don’t go funny once every month. You go funny every single time on here.

thank you for knowing me so well… 8)

100% agree with you, Ian. :lol:
Stupidhead, u doing yr own biz?? If u r, then u will understand lor. :smiley:

dun worry jackson868,i am still open to be you customer one day.

don’t worry Jackson…I still trust you

jackson’s supporter…hehehe

Anyway…it is past already…Yang sudah tu sudahlah

Whatever past is past…no point talking about it now…Just that NEXT time, make sure you state CLEARLY what you intend the consumer to know…

So wont be any arguement at all…

Relax Brother!

By the way, Stupidhead is the most GENIUS among US, so any problem related to consumer RIGHTS, can just look for him…hehehe

not all customer always right…[/quote]

I agreed… not all bosses always right tooo… :wink:

haih haih…dont worry,i still trust Jackson868…I think someone should apologize if he has proper manners…when i saw the explanation you post up,i think the victim is actually you…haih…

if i say customer always right only because i’m not in business… then you only say bosses are not always right, because you are not a boss yourself?

Communication break down.
Since the case is closed. Jackson, claim your free beer from coolman.

Personally, it doesn’t matter to me if customer is right or wrong, as long as I have a peace of mind that he’s happy with my service or product and he’ll be a future returning customers.

If a customer is too absurd or being over ridiculous? Just deal with it nicely and make sure he’s paying you and not your competitor.

So what if we ourselves are customer too? If we’re unhappy about someone’s service, we can always take it somewhere else right?

Now thats the kind of mentality true business people dont want to happen. A sudden 180degree change of hand over to your competitor.

Its a crooked world, live with it and get richer or deal with it, if you dont like it, dont be a business maker, go take a salary instead but you’ll end up facing your boss ridiculous demands also.

Choose a path and dictate your own life. Either you manipulate or you get manipulated.

Doesn’t really take a rocket scientist to understand any of what I just mention. Now you guys can start flaming me if you want about sellers rights or buyers ridiculous demand.

hares but true…no comment…