Unnatural carnivorous trees?

Weird tales digest:

Brazilian Monkey-trap Tree - A monkey-consuming tree sighted in Brazil. Reported by an explorer named Mariana de Silva, the tree supposedly produced an odor that monkeys found quite attractive. Once the hapless creature climbed the trunk, the trees leaves would envelope the animal and digest it over a period of 3 days.

Madagascan Man-eating Tree - A carnivorous tree sighted in Madagascar. Described as looking like an 8-foot tall pineapple with snake-like feelers, the tree secretes a thick, intoxicating liquid at its apex. People are sometimes sacrificed to the tree, in which the tree constricts the victim to death with its serpentine tentacles. This tree is well known to the locals of Madagascar.

Plante Vampire - A flesh-eating plant sighted in southern Mexico. It was discovered during an expedition by Byron de Prorok. The plant was said to have captured a bird, having impaled it on a thorn. The plant then proceeded to close one of its leaves around the corpse, piercing its body with even more spines. Whether this plant can kill a human or not is unknown.

Snake Tree - A meat-eating tree sighted in Sierra Madre in Mexico. This tree is probably related to Plante Vampire. A traveler came upon the plant in the late nineteenth century. He witnessed a bird being crushed by one of its branches, with the blood being absorbed through the plants trunk. He proceeded to touch one of the branches, which promptly grabbed his hand. Luckily, he was able to free himself.

Umdhlebi - A deadly plant sighted in Zululand, South Africa. The tree has long, dark green leaves, black and red fruit, and peeling bark. Although the tree is not carnivorous, it is said to have the ability to poison anything that nears it. This is presumably accomplished by a type of toxic gas it produces. Its fruit is said to contain the antidote to the poison.

Ya-te-veo Tree - A carnivorous tree sighted in Central America. It is said to be capable of eating human beings. The tree has a short, thick trunk and thorn-bearing shoots that hang down from its top. If a human gets to close to the tree, the shoots spring into action and grab the person, crushing them against the tree trunk and impaling it with their thorns. The blood is absorbed through the trees trunk.

Nicaraguan Blood-sucking Tree - A bizarre plant sighted near Lake Nicaragua. A naturalist was in the area with his dog, seeking plant specimens. After hearing his dog yelping, he discovered it entangled in a series of black vines. The vines were tough and secreted a sticky gum. After freeing his dog, he found that it was covered in sucker marks. The locals claim that the tree sucks the nutrients from meat.

Vegetable Lambs??? - A truly strange creature sighted in the Middle East. These creatures were said to resemble wool-less lambs which were grown in gourd-like pods on the ground. Once the pods opened, the lamb would walk out, but being attached to the pod by an umbilical cord, could only go so far. These creatures are thought to be purely legend, although a few detailed accounts of such beings have been given in the past.

(WOW, I wish I can grow lambs, chickens at my backyard :D)


WOW, I wish I can grow lambs, chickens at my backyard

But would they taste the same?

I cannot imagine how those vege lambs would taste like…both the vege and the meat nutriens you can get…Interesting find Apai_mau…
I will try to look into this topic further through the web or some other book source for this , seem so interesting to me…

how can i varify all these ?

I’m interested to grow a few of these to help keep buglars away… hee hee

Dont rely on security alarms… let our man eating tree’s do the job!

An artist’s impression of a man-eating tree:

Very imaginative indeed…

That’s some freaky thing …Say’s there there it is only recorded in some book as I read earlier of the photo…but still it is interesting…I wonder is there any real photo’s about any of those plant’s existed. Better send mulder and scully to check it out.

i cant seem to find any official records of any of these… *pout maybe all the people recording these things… died… X(

[quote=“ArcAngelD”]how can i varify all these ?

I’m interested to grow a few of these to help keep buglars away… hee hee

Dont rely on security alarms… let our man eating tree’s do the job![/quote]

agree with you Angel… :wink: