Unknown Body found floating in Miri River


MIRI: A body was found floating near a companys private jetty in Miri River, Piasau yesterday morning.
Clad in black trousers and brown T-shirt, it was discovered around 8am by a Piasau Slipways ship crew who informed the police.
The police called for Lopeng Fire and Rescue Station (Bomba) to fish the body out from the river.

A total of six Bomba personnel led by second senior fire officer Roslan Jam and a fire engine arrived at the scene at 9.13am.
Miri District deputy police chief, Superintendent Stanley Ringgit said a preliminary investigation did not reveal any external injury on the body.
Police have classified the case as sudden death.

They have yet to identify the corpse as no wallet or identity card was found on it.
Investigation officer, Sergeant Jemain calls for the public with missing members or relatives to call him at 013-8297746 or come to Miri Central Police Station.

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what do you guys think? A possible murder? But no injuries are found. But the wallet is missing. Maybe the wallet sunk into the river?

miri nowadays got alot of weird death cases… but so far, never gotten update of what really happened to the victims.