University student comes under fire for video clip


Thursday August 9, 2007

University student comes under fire for video clip

PETALING JAYA: Malaysian student Wee Meng Chee has frequently courted controversy with his numerous postings on video search engine YouTube, but his latest parody of the national anthem has been severely criticised by politicians.

Wee has come under fire for mocking the national anthem and making statements many found offensive because they contained racial slurs.

His six-minute video clip, which used Negaraku in a Mandarin rap, has been viewed more than 400,000 times since the middle of last month.

Wee, a 24-year-old mass communications student at Ming Chuan University in Taiwan, has insisted that he is patriotic.

I wrote the song in conjunction with the countrys 50th anniversary of independence and it is my gift to the country, the Johorean said.

Deputy Internal Security Minister Datuk Mohd Johari Baharum said police would investigate the rap video while MCA Youth chief Datuk Liow Tiong Lai said Wee had insulted the national anthem.

Liow said that Wee, who used the name Namewee, seemed patriotic but needed guidance to show his patriotism in the proper way.

Wee said he did not mean to be seditious or to attack the Government.

Im simply reflecting the truth about our society through my music and I did not mean to offend anyone by producing such a video clip. I still love my country, he said.

On his blog, Wee said he had removed the video from the website after receiving some negative reaction.

I had to do it because my family was being pressured and I cant be selfish by just thinking about myself, he added.

However, he said the video was well received by some people who later uploaded it again on the website for public viewing.

His father, in an interview with Sin Chew Daily, defended his son’s patriotism as the student had insisted on taking along the Jalur Gemilang when he left for Taiwan to study.

Meanwhile, in Kuala Lumpur, Bernama reported that the police had no authority to investigate or detain individuals involved in broadcasting Wee’s Negaraku as it happened outside the country.

The police can only take action if the incident occurs in the country, Deputy Inspector-General of Police Tan Sri Mohd Najib Abdul Aziz told reporters yesterday.

this incident show how short minded our government and authority is…not to mention racist (i’ll explain later, no offence to any race…)

i mean can’t they face the truth that wat that guy is singing is the truth in our society and not to forget how most chinese view about out country. y is it wrong for a chinese to express their feeling as this feeling is the result from the government policy.

besides that, since when is he mocking the national anthems? he just added the national anthems into his song. at least he got the lyrics right. try ask some ppl on the street to sing out the lyrics…i bet most ppl can’t even remember how to sing it…i think all they know is “Negaraku”…that’s all

about the government been racist…y are they not criticizing their own media broadcasting body (RTM) for coming out, for me a very racist advertisement about pollution and environment. using an old malays children song, i remember the children singing in the song, asking the fish is so lifeless. the fish reply by saying that because the water is polluted. then, a man, in a chinese accents says something like it is ok to throw the rubbish into the water…they me, can this be categorized as racist?

for me, this advertisement are telling everyone that the chinese are causing the pollution and the others are suffering…

I recall in comedy movies, the American anthem gets mocked far more often and in worse ways (in The Simpsons & Naked Gun, anyone? And probably more) and you don’t see them getting into trouble over that. Even the Canadian anthem in some cases (South Park comes to mind).

then, a man, in a chinese accents says something like it is ok to throw the rubbish into the water…they me, can this be categorized as racist?

Unfortunately, no. That’s how subtlety works.

And, to those who can’t see the viewpoint, they need to understand that the majority of non-bumiputra in Malaysia are constantly getting undercut for everything - Universities, loans, government business deals, corruption, discrimination etc. Of course there will be disappointments and people will choose to air their views elsewhere on the matter since the relevant people won’t listen. Oops, now the issue has blown out of proportion, the blame engine starts up and makes a lot of noise.

i dont agree he use the national anthem to express whatever crap he want. using national anthem is bad idea. try to come back to malaysia and i will put a bullet in ur head.

and no, this is nothing to do with racist. its about ethics, its about the way you express urself. this is what we call a traitor. … ted&search

this video is kinda same case. they use the umno song to mock, attack them. and still umno/government cant touch them, its their right. but when u use national anthem, kau lah pengkhianat negara.

I support iweed’s stance. That guy made a mistake. Not everyone is pleased to have that song messed up. Especially if that involves the whole nation.

so does tat mean u can’t xpress yr patriotism in yr own way??? :?

it’s nt a matter of being racism o wateva u hv in mind 2 condem tat fella…2 me its hw u c it frm yr point of view…

tat fella is jst xpressing his point of view… :slight_smile:

Smart fella… :smiley: Malaysia BOLEH!!!

don’t u think this is too extreme…

for me, he did not mock the anthems at all…he just added to his song…he did not even change the lyrics…so whr is the mocking?

agree with Ladybird…he is only expressing his own opinion, which…the truth is that a lot of ppl agree with most thing he had said…

I hereby declare I’m one of Msian agree on tat fella xpressions… :smiley:

D truth owest hurts…aauuuwwwwwww… 8)

don’t u think this is too extreme… [/quote]

‘kamceng’ dgn KPN kot??? :lol:

Cmmonnn…don b 2 emotional…

jgn la kerna mulut, badan binasa (tak berbaloi weeiii)
jgn la kerna isu se-ciput, seluruh bangsa porak peranda… :smiley:

Yeah… i support iweeds opinion too. That guy lyrics is actually not wrong and is quite true. But what is wrong is that he modified the national anthem.

I believed that if he used other songs rather than the national anthem it would not have end him in so much trouble.

Like the song before ‘kawanku’, to me the lyrics in that song is much more racist or hurting but he did not end up being caught.

Modifying the national anthem is sumthing really against the law. Eveyone have to accept this.

By the way, he is actually also doing a great job by promoting visit malaysia at the end!

btw…for your info…negaraku anthem song has the same tune as the mamula moon tune…so how now??

the proof is here…

go there and listen…

btw…for your info…negaraku anthem song has the same tune as the mamula moon tune…so how now??

Whoops. So is there a paid royalty to that everytime it is played? :lol:

try to come back to malaysia and i will put a bullet in ur head.

:lol: :lol: Talk about righting one’s wrong with another wrong. Oh man this cracks me up

My observation
Looks like d main issue here is tat poor fella has modified d version of d national athem d way it shud b perform…(based on majority comments so far). Modified here means he has add ‘rapping’ version (which mostly sang in Chinese) but he did not change d lyric of ‘Negaraku’ itself…

My results
Some like it n some hate it.

My conclusion
It’s jst his way of xpression.

Thing to ponder
It cud b his way of gaining popularity.
It cud b his shout out to d government coz if he did it in his own country, he’ll b ‘fried meat’ for life.
No wonder most of Msian oversea graduates prefer to reside/work oversea as their know their rights r ‘re-stricted’.

the issue is this kid menghina negara, bukannya kepada any individu, to any party or to any race. nothing wrong with the lyrics

expressing his point of view is one thing, insulting is another thing.

you want to express your view, go on blogging. we have jeffoii, RPK, malaysiatoday, malaysiakini expressing their point of view by blogging.

in thailand, a foreigner get jailed for accidentally insult their king.

in this case, this kid has misused the national anthem itself and legally he can be charged under:
Kecenderungan menghasut
3. (1) Sesuatu kecenderungan menghasut ialah kecenderungan
b bagi mendatangkan kebencian atau penghinaan atau
bagi membangkitkan perasaan tidak setia terhadap
mana-mana Raja atau Kerajaan;
(b) bagi membangkitkan rakyat mana-mana Raja atau
penduduk mana-mana wilayah yang diperintah oleh
mana-mana Kerajaan supaya cuba mendapatkan
perubahan, dengan apa-apa cara selain cara yang sah,
apa-apa jua yang wujud menurut undang-undang di
dalam wilayah Raja itu atau wilayah yang diperintah
oleh Kerajaan itu;
© bagi mendatangkan kebencian atau penghinaan atau
bagi membangkitkan perasaan tidak setia terhadap
pentadbiran keadilan di Malaysia atau di mana-mana
(d) bagi menimbulkan perasaan tidak puas hati atau tidak
setia di kalangan rakyat Yang di-Pertuan Agong atau
rakyat Raja mana-mana Negeri atau di kalangan
penduduk Malaysia atau penduduk mana-mana Negeri;
(e) bagi mengembangkan perasaan niat jahat dan
permusuhan antara kaum atau golongan penduduk
yang berlainan di Malaysia; [/b]

no matter how, he uphold his national integrity. we do not need such outright complete monkeys. STRIP his nationality!

ok correction. the lyric might have a lil racist elements there.

5 in the morning
Theres even a morning call to wake me up
Sometimes a few of them will sing together
When you listen to it, its like a love duet
The voice ululates like an R&B song
Even though sometimes they sing until its out of tune
Even though sometimes they even sing until their voices break
Some sound like cockerels, but they wake up earlier than them
This way we can know the time to get ready for class and for work

when it comes to this part, the clip shows mosques pics and islamic classes, etc.
this is clearly an insults to the muslims

btw, to me this is just a political move by the government, furthermore the election is coming up. the video is kinda old, posted some long time ago. why act now? sexual politics.

If you check his Youtube comments, there are plenty of insults to go around there as well, this guy simply chose to do so with such an impact with a video and then there’s the choice of national anthem… hahar.

Maybe like what Ladybird said, he wanted it for the 5 minutes of fame.

How is he going to set foot back in Malaysia in one piece?