University gathers international experts to explore digital economy

MIRI: About 60 digital economy experts from different parts of the world gathered at Curtin University Malaysia to brainstorm ways to use digital technology for greater socio-economic benefits.

The university’s pro vice-chancellor Prof Jim Mienczakowski said the full potential of digital economy had not been achieved in Sarawak or Malaysia, and even in many advanced countries. “Many developing countries have yet to benefit from the promises of Science, Technology and Innovation (STI).

“As such, there is a need to empower today’s industries with new tools to respond to global challenges.

“Scientists and engineers in academia and the industry should promote national and international interests by advancing strategies for employing STI to address global challenges and improve development outcome.

“Despite the changes happening around us, one thing that has not changed is the pressure to find new ways of exploiting new knowledge,” he said.

Prof Mienczakowski officiated at the 11th Curtin University Science and Engineering (CUTSE) International Conference 2018 at the campus here.

Curtin Malaysia senior lecturer Dr Ling Huo Chong, who is the organising chairperson for CUTSE, said the conference this year was themed “Digital Transformation and Innovation in the Digital Era”.

“This conference is a great platform for researchers and industry players to come together to have discussions and produce papers and products relevant to the industry.

“Malaysia may still have a long way to go for digital transformation but conferences such as CUTSE is one of the ways to spur discussion among the relevant agencies.

She said the speakers included Sarawak government chief scientist and chief advisor for digital economy Prof Dr Jugdutt (Jack) Singh, Keysight education development manager for Asia Pacific Daniel Yap, and Curtin Malaysia Research and Development dean Prof Clement Kuek.

It was learnt that CUTSE received 90 paper submissions, the highest number of papers received by the conference to date.

The One Curtin International Postgraduate Conference (OCPC) 2018, during which the university’s Masters and Doctor of Philosophy students presented their papers, was held concurrently.