Unit trust.. which is the best

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Which unit trust is giving more $$$$$money$$$$$…

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Unit trust is for medium to long term investment. If you are looking for return in a short period, don’t think so unit trust will suit your investment objective.

As for which unit trust is giving more money, you can always look for those trust that put their investment more into equity. Trust that have a bigger portion of investment in equity will normally give higher return. But then, you also have to bear with the risk also. High return, high risk…

Public Mutual by Public bank. They offer different type of unit trust.

nw, i’m thinking to get my money from EPF since EPF didn’t give me so much ( 6%). Hw is the performance of Public Mutual anyway??

Public Mutual’s performance is good. Always win many award. For further information log on to their website publicmutual.com.my. I also buy this unit trust.

Which fund do u recommend?

Sorry I can’t tell you for more detail because I’m not a banker. If you really want to know more about this unit trust offer by public mutual, please visit Public Mutual office. Last year I bought Public Growth. Good one

Public Growth giving how much actually las year?

Public bank have a lot of fund, more than 20…
Since the current economy that no so good, do u think it is a good time to invest.

Half year around 6% and another half year 6% (2007 economy). Every time or month you invest RM 100 (minimum), you also get another bonus. Higher you invest, they will give you higher bonus.

Investment is long term. It also a form of saving also. It is better for to invest right now. Investment=Saving. Just invest RM 1000 only then you invest RM 100 every month. Displine is important

TQ for the info. looking forward for this…

[quote=“mikee”]Public Growth giving how much actually las year?

Public bank have a lot of fund, more than 20…
Since the current economy that no so good, do u think it is a good time to invest.[/quote]

it;s actually a good time now since the price is very low, if you go in during economy is good you will pay at higher price…

i have withdraw more than 10K from epf to put into Public Unit Trust=2 withdrawal so far

Which fund did u buy?

not remember till i get my statement cause this is long term investment, put in and forget about it till you are 55 years old, one of it got islamic lah, anyway you will have limited funds to choose from for investment for EPF withdrawal, 4 to 6 range only.

i recommend you Public Growth. I buy that one. My neighbour also buy Public Growth.

[quote=“mikee”]Guy n Girl,

Which unit trust is giving more $$$$$money$$$$$…

:smiley: 8) :lol:[/quote]
go for etiqua takaful…you get money and free insurance for saving money…my friend is doing the business.i also saving,nice…

Thought Etiqua Takaful selling insurance only… Share with us…

I don’t really like the idea of insurance. I don’t see the liquidity in them. It’s like buying something you don’t see, and you will only see it when you die. The irony? You don’t see anything when you die, do you? Medical cards/insurance a bit better lah, at least when sick/hospitalize you can claim.

I heard the market is going back sooner or later. I think it should be a good time to buy those mutual funds now.

i buy MAA klmutual.

i remember its a plan to open up an saving account,when you save up to certain unit…it will free you a insurance…and biasiswa for your child…when your child get good marks in school…you will receive money…if i was not mistaken…it was a 11% of incentive given out to the saver…depend on the income of the maybank group…this plan is originally to protect malay and bumis in malaysia…so it was called a halal plan…malays rarely buy insurance and saving…when something happends,they got no other things to help them…government wants help them,so they come out of this plan…in order to help the malays and bumiputra…but now chinese also can buy…if you like to know more about it…call this number,his name is johnny…phone number 016-8863236…office is 085-435221…hope this can help you…

I buy public mutual also. They are the biggest private unit trust company in Malaysia in terms of fund size, well managed, and winner of multiple awards… But to be fair there are others who are quite good also like HwangDBS and CIMB.

If you want to look at the fund performance, you can go to their website:
http://www.publicmutual.com.my/applicat … mance.aspx
It shows each of their fund’s performance from launching until now.

Unit trust are more for medium to long term investment . i.e. >3years. A good practice is to do dollar cost averaging, meaning putting in eg. RM300 every month. That way, you buy more units when price is cheap and buy less when price is expensive. In the end, you end up with a cheaper average cost.

By the way, i’m also a unit trust consultant. :mrgreen: SO if anyone is interested to find out more, fell free to PM me…