Under Covid lockdown, Long Jeeh folk appeal for permission to harvest paddy

A medical personnel sanitising a section of the Long Jeeh longhouse today.

MIRI (Jan 29): Residents of Long Jeeh in Ulu Baram hope the authorities will allow them to harvest their paddy although they have been locked down after two villagers tested positive for Covid-19.

Their village security and development committee secretary Johnny Selong, made the appeal for the leeway on behalf of their headman Apoi Ukeng and his fellow villagers today as it was now their harvesting time.

Johnny Selong

“No doubt during this 14-day quarantine time, the GPS government is providing us with food assistance. However we are worried that our paddy will wither and cannot be harvested should the quarantine and lockdown period be prolonged,” he said.

Johnny said they hoped to discuss the matter with the authorities soon.

Long Jeeh, which is about seven hours by road from here, has 107 doors and a population of about 1,200 people but only about 35 families are presently at the village as most of its people are working or living in the urban areas.

The longhouse was put under lockdown after two villagers had tested positive for Covid-19 earlier this week.

Their headman is also under quarantine in a medical facility in Miri.

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