Uncultured Behaviour of Rais Yatim at a Press Conference

omg…cant believe this is the way he speaks to reporter…
i think he was thinking on opposition/enemy while reacting?..lol

“kita tak panggil N1H1, kita panggil selsema babi…senang-kan?..semua orang tahu selsema babi…tak semua orang tahu H1N1” during TV3 news at the height of the flu scare some months back. He even said N1H1 instead of H1N1. I guess he was talking about himself…tak semua orang tahu H1N1 tapi semua orang tahu babi.

I guess he was refering to the 15Malaysia Video? The one about Health… lol… the mini movie called “Healthy Paranoia” youtube it :smiley: :smiley:

holy sh*t, look at his fcukface!!!, if i were to stand infront of him, i would beat the crap out of him… :evil:

He really wants us to throw shoe at him!

Me better la…I personally give him to eat my shoe…Arrogant, close minded sh*t…And yet he still can be a Minister…WTF :evil: Kononlah want them to talk in BM. I bet his English poorer than those in Primary 3.

download = muat turun
computer = komputer
you = kamu

many words they use english instead of bahasa. or mixed. so national language forever no improve. now everywhere u can hear ppl speak rojak language in malaysia. too bad…

[quote=“bertmiri”]what he did i think was right…what with all those bull@#$% west malaysians complaining about PPSMI in English and want to revert back to BM, then use BM lah! so KANASAI, they talk about protecting the national language, but they themselves don’t even bother to improve it, but just blatantly copy foreign language…

e.g. saw this on a GOV advert…" perkerja diperlukan, intebiu terbuka" What the f#$%! shouldn’t intebiu be temuduga!

any more example guys? I had a lot, but i seem to angry to remember…[/quote]

It’s really amazing how someone can talk from their arse… amazing! it’s just an illusion that his mouth moves, but actually his arse that’s doing the talking…! wow! good work tanah melayu minister!.. good work indeed!.

Sungguh menakjubkan bagaimana seorang boleh bercakap melalui buntut… menakjubkan! Mulutnya yang bergerak itu cuma satu illusi dimana buntutnya yang sebenarnya bercakap…! wow! Menteri tanah melayu melakukan kerja yang bagus!.. syabas sekali!

*In case they misunderstood what i meant. / Takut mereka tidak faham maksud saya.

:confused: It is quite common to ask questions in english and Nothing Wrong with that.
why can he not be humble and request the question to be asked in malay? :slight_smile:
or pehaps he didnt quite get the meaning of the questions? if he couldnt get the questions, there is nothing wrong to ask for the meaning too… mmm… well… perhaps his reaction just a little too abrupt… he probably regreted too after the interview… i mean, dont really have to make it a big deal tbh… he just couldnt tackle the situation appropriately…he doesnt really look that of a bad guy, he probably feel more embarassed to not be able to answer the question in english than anything else.

Education and legal career
Rais was born in Jelebu, Negeri Sembilan. He is a lawyer by profession. In 1964, he graduated from Language Institute, Kuala Lumpur. In 1968, he taught Bahasa Malaysia to the American Peace Corps in the United States. He obtained his honors degree from National University of Singapore. In 1994, he obtained a PhD from King’s College London. His doctoral dissertation was eventually published in 1995 as Freedom Under Executive Power in Malaysia: A Study of Executive Supremacy.

I doubt with such background in education and careers he doesn’t understand what was said in English… and a lawyer for that matter, but I guess it was either being too proud… of what I just don’t know. Proud of bahasa malaysia? well, the reporter no doubt asked in English, he could just answered in bahasa malaysia or bahasa tanah melayu or bahasa baku or … oh goodness i am confused now… LoL! . If you want to be like the french (of all people to follow) or be like the japanese… then first show the world how your country is, but showing your arrogance and ignorance is not the first step… farking bestards… Oh… excuse my french…!

:o well noted education background! What the hell was the question asked… to get him to react as such … Goshhh!

Another day in BOLEHLand! What a ■■■■!?! What was he thinking?

I salute those who made their stand in Twitter on #yorais and indeed, this clown is a joke and shame on his family!