Umno veteran lodges another graft report

Umno veteran lodges another graft report

KUALA LUMPUR: Umno veteran Datuk Mazlan Harun yesterday lodged a second report with the Anti-Corruption Agency against the Umno top leadership, whom he claimed committed political graft in party elections.

He handed over an album containing photographs, videos and documents in support of his complaint.

I cannot tell you in detail. I am asking for the matter to be investigated quickly, he said.

An Umno member from Muar, Datuk Kadar Ninam Shah, who accompanied Mazlan, said: If this second report is not taken seriously, we will resort to other alternatives. He alleged that the Umno disciplinary board had been informed of the matter but did not take any action. The claims include branch heads being provided with hotel accommodation and given souvenirs.

Mazlan had lodged the first report with the ACA on Aug 5.

The report was based on an allegation by Petaling Jaya Selatan Umno division chief Capt ® Datuk Zahar Hashim in a letter to the Umno secretarygeneral that the partys top leadership had committed political graft. Bernama


top management = President UMNO n vice president