Umno: Man in sex video is Anwar

KUALA LUMPUR, May 11 Umno information chief Datuk Ahmad Maslan said today that he had watched with his wife a sex video released recently and is convinced the man featured is Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim.

Ahmad was responding to a question on the sex video that has been widely circulated, during a forum organised today by Umno.

There is no conspiracy here. What has been said by (Datuk Shazryl) Eskay is true and those who have watched the video admit that it is true. I have seen the video and admit that Anwar Ibrahim is in the video … Yes, I watched it with my wife, he said. … -is-anwar/

isn’t possession of pornographic material a criminal offense?

shouldn’t this guy and his wife be prosecuted for possession of and watching pornography and is this offense not punishable under the sharia law as well?

wonders and bewilderments never ceased to amazed me.

maybe this guy want to practice new “tricks” after watching the video with his wife…

even if it is anwar…so what? u jealous him kah? if his wife is ok with it…then why u wan to say so much? stupid…

I wonder, do they watched in 3D?


Please lah Umno…
something new please…boring lah cerita macam ini diulang -ulang lagi…

[quote=“Athrun_zala_faith”]Please lah Umno…
something new please…boring lah cerita macam ini diulang -ulang lagi…[/quote]

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Not again! Are they spending our tax money on this? WTF!

Spending tax money on HD cameras

listen to what this idiot is saying… … an-report/

point number 1) as quoted from him “According to him, the Umno-owned paper did a good job in publishing the front-page report regardless of whether it had any truth to it.”

wah lau ehh… making dangerous rumor is doing a good job kah? Like that I tell him I saw his wife f****g with a cow, true or not, I am doing a good job too lah…

point number 2) quoted by him “It serves as a lesson to the Christians to not tread on sensitive matters relating to Islam,”

lesson for what? time and again, it always their side that step to christian side, not the other way round (claiming allah word in bible a desecration, burning of churches in west malaysia), this guy talking through his ass is it?

point number 3) quoted “Lets say your child returns home at 3am every night, he said. Then one night he returns at 1am. You will still punish him because you would have assumed that he returned at 3am based on past experience.”

you guys understand what the hell this guy trying to point out or not… what come back at 1am when I usually come back at 3am and get scolded… totally got what connection with the topic kah? and he is our what minister ahh? no hope liao , 1Malaysia…

point number 4) quoted “Ibrahim said that Perkasa was momentarily relieved by this assurance as it wanted to see sincerity in the Christian leaders statement.”

relieved over what? so this guy really thinks that islam can get converted to christian religion and lose all elections… lose all election good lah, convert to christian, we eat and go play snooker more siok then bother with you guys… like we really bother with them on their religion… stupid…talk about ugly skeletons in his cupboard

point number 5) quoted “Be sincere in your acceptance. Make sure the sweetness of your words dont just remain on your lips.”

would kindly ask this idiot to use these words on himself… 1malaysia this 1malaysia that… at the end… pujut 7 bridge how many years liao and suffer congestion every morning like what until now nothing happen… talk talk talk, only know how to talk people but no see his mirror… then again, maybe his mirror already pecah from his ugly face so cannot see…

point number 6) quoted “That statement is false and needs no further investigation, said Syed Hassan. It is Utusans report that needs investigation as it may contain elements of truth.”

sad to see so many idiots with low brain cell counts in high positions in this country’s government… element of truth… if truth, we won’t replace islam, we just replace ppl like this two fat buggers enough liao… or is that too much to ask?

point number 7) quoted “If certain quarters in the community believe the Christian pastors denial, then you also need to believe the bloggers. But let us allow the police to conduct their investigations and not slander any party any further.”

what did he say…? if we believe the pastors denial, we also have to believe the bloggers…?? what kind of logic is that? so like that everytime police catch a criminal, the criminal deny the crime (even though he is caught red handed with CCTV with his handsome face fully shown), then we have to believe him lah… sorry lah man, you police investigation well known in this 1malaysia country lah… wait 15 years liao also nothing will happen…

The igp said they oredi know who is the man in the video. But they said cannot let us know yet. Wat the ■■■■ is the meaning of that? Why cannot tell, issit anwar or not, just open up la ■■■■■. and then another ■■■■■ thing happened. The christian want to take over malaysia, so the police investigate, and hishamudin said there is some basis in that cos a former umno member who join dap, mohd razali lodge a police report giving new intel on on that conspiracy. Mohd razali said he knows what happen. And based on that hishamudin said there might be some basis in the issue and not at all lie. So what the ■■■■ did mohd razali knew and put in his report that convince hishamuddin about christian conspiracy might be true. And all they said is. We know the truth but cannot tell u. ■■■■■ la. Enuf of the guessing game and come clean with the rakyat

Their salary is paid using our tax money…