UMNO? BN? 1Malaysia? hitler believe it too

Found this on youtube… it’s funny if you look at it in some ways, but if you look at it in another way… you just wonder how the truth doesn;t fall short…


agree wit hitler!!!hahahahhaa!!!damn it!!

huh…im speechless… :expressionless: :expressionless: :expressionless:

This is damn funny!!

lol… very funny…

maybe 1msia @ west msia totally 100% failure, so he now tries to fool those uneducated sarawakian & sabahan which know nothing & accept it blindly… Like we accept into Malaysia blindly…

Yeah i saw hitler on paper today together with white hair officiating something… Hitler even tried to look like a local wearing the vest… cute rupa hitler use the vest macam rupa taek… Muehahaha!

I accept racial unity… But those quotas must be abolish also!..

No such thing anymore as quotas for races in Matriculation! Public Universities! Loan/Scholarships!

PM must remove all such things and others in order to reach the 1Malaysia concept! …

It doesn’t sound fair! A scottish friend of mine was suprised with such discrimination…

1 Malay Asia

:mrgreen: :mrgreen:

:twisted: :twisted: :twisted:

Go la !! Keep vote for BN and u will know the result

We become like Nazi?

Even the Malays in Sabah & Sarawak is not in this category… if they were, long time already white hair join the ultra malay nazi organization. So those who are from Sabah & Sarawak that join this group is like a dog under the table waiting for someone to throw a bone to it to eat… pity those malays from Sabah & Sarawak that joined them… it’s a gangster club for malays from malaya…

Good post fallenelves!!! This post is funny! :lol:

And they say commie’s were bad!!

They doesnt care much about sarawak and sabah as i remembered…
just dont let them get onto our shore!

They doesnt care much about sarawak and sabah as i remembered…
just dont let them get onto our shore![/quote]

Totally agree, west malaysia always say : (Whole nationwide including Sabah&Sarawak).
WTF, we not even in the same country?

One malaysia will come true in the next 50 years after a civil war (if it happens lol) or else leave us alone!!