Ulu Teru chiefs reject Penguang for ‘usurping Entri’

MIRI: Tuai Rumah Abok Jabu yesterday slammed Datu Dr Penguang Manggil, the SPDP –nominated candidate for Marudi, for disrupting the political and development stability in the constituency.

He said villagers of Ulu Teru were against Penguang lobbying for the Marudi seat saying incumbent Datu Sylvester Entri Muran had brought tremendous changes in Ulu Teru and changed the landscape of the remote area with progress.

“All the development, joint-venture plantation projects, the 28km road, electricity, communication tower and the coming of clean water supply are brought by Entri, not the opposition or Penguang,” he said to loud cheers during a thanksgiving ceremony at Rumah Abok Jabu, Kampung Mulong, Ulu Teru, Tinjar yesterday.

He claimed that the incumbent never neglected his constituents and he frequently visited the rural areas including Ulu Teru to hear the people’s problems and needs and distributed grants and development projects to them.

“Entri has shown his sincerity in championing the people’s interest in the last four terms and he has better long term planning for the people of Marudi including the new satellite township,” Abok said.

Sharing the same view, newly appointed Penghulu, Kallang Ami, said many people from the city were now coming to Ulu Teru to confuse them due to the good road access and through social network.

He said these people only know how to criticise the government and Entri but when elections are over, their faces could not be seen as they live in luxury in the city and the people are the ones who suffer.

“Certain individuals are now trying to confuse the rakyat, claiming that they are the candidate from a political party for Marudi which is against Chief Minister Datuk Patinggi Tan Sri Adenan Satem’s announcement that Entri is the BN candidate for Marudi,” he elaborated.

According to Kallang, it is because of Entri that Ulu Teru now has road, telephone tower, electricity and water (soon).

At the same time, Kallang thanked the ‘Mulong Youngsters’ for organising the event yesterday.

“We want the new generation to continue the good deeds as they are the future leaders for our people in Ulu Teru,” he said.

Pemanca Enggah Muga said Entri had brought tremendous development to the 23 longhouses in Ulu Teru.

He cited the two primary schools, a clinic, library, Kemas pre-school and a church there as examples of development brought by Entri.

As a community leader, he said he was worried that the Ibans seemed to be competing to be candidates which did not augur well for the community that desired for more progress.

“We in Ulu Teru are strong supporters of BN and will continue to support the present government,” he said further.

Commenting further, he said Entri had changed the landscape of Ulu Teru with his proper planning and vision, pointing out that Ulu Teru now has a joint-venture plantation project, a 28km road and Internet access.


Source: http://miri.my/2016/03/07/ulu-teru-chiefs-reject-penguang-for-usurping-entri/