Ulu Baram longhouse folk to receive fire extinguisher balls

Anyi (fourth left) hands over a fire extinguisher ball to Peter Tinggang of Long Selaan. Eugene is at fifth left.

MIRI: Several Ulu Baram longhouses will receive fire extinguisher balls as a first line of defence against fires.

Baram MP Anyi Ngau received 160 fire extinguisher balls from Perwira Oilfield Sdn Bhd managing director Capt Eugene Francis on Monday.

Anyi stressed that having built beautiful longhouses equipped with water and electricity supply, it would be crucial for Ulu Baram villagers to take good care of them.

“We must look after our properties and not let them burn. I try to give out these fire extinguisher balls to areas prone to fire, especially wooden longhouses. Through this, I would also like to educate our people that we have to be concerned and serious about taking care of our property,” he said during the handing-over.

“At least if we have this in our longhouses it will give more time for the people to be aware before they can come up with what to do thereafter in any event of fire,” he said.

According to Anyi, the longhouses in Ulu Baram are mostly wooden and many of them currently house just a few residents.

“With not many people living in most of the longhouses, it might have been too late to fight the fire in any event of fire.

“So, I believe this is one of the ways to assist our people and instil the value of safety and security in the longhouses among them,” he said, pointing out that most fires in Baram were caused by negligence.

Anyi also called upon longhouse folk to consider getting insurance.

Meanwhile, Eugene said the Fire and Rescue Department (Bomba) had acknowledged the usefulness of the fire extinguisher balls.

“The problem for people in the rural areas is the difficulty for them to get their fire
extinguisher serviced every year, especially on the cost for transportation.

“So, we try to see what is the best for the villagers and I think this is the best so far the product is five years without servicing and it is cheap. It is important for the villagers to know fire safety awareness,” he said.

Eugene added that the department would conduct several fire safety awareness talks in the division, to promote fire safety awareness among people in the rural areas.

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