Ultra Slow and Weak Streamyx connection @ Pujut area

(mysx94) #1

sorry for my poorrrrr english tho.

(mysx94) #2

Everything is gone worse, only the upload speed remain stable and normal.

(whatman) #3

No problem for me. Using Unifi 5mbps.

(Athrun_zala_faith) #4

unable to connect to internet now…Permyjaya. It is RUBBISH!

(ben3003) #5

Try to file a complaint to SKMM. We need more action from people living in Pujut that we should be provided with better internet as we are among the oldest user of TM since dial-up era and in fact most of us are pioneer subscriber of Streamyx since 384kbps era and yet they neglected us and only looking for new business opportunities by installing Unifi infrastructure at new housing area only. My area only 1Mbps, i complained to SKMM and they actually asked TM to reply me, and TM told me that Unifi is already in planning in our area, but cant commit to a date. I believe we need to push them more.

This is SKMM email aduanskmm@cmc.gov.my . We need every support from all you of you staying around Pujut area. It’s time to stand up and speak up.

(TSC2010) #6

Me too, need to change cable, anyone can suggest contractors or installers?

(slumberjer) #7

I heard pujut 1 until pujut 10 will be have unifi service. Plan start on 2015 just don’t know when they will service is ready. So my house also here will wait for this come true. Thanks TM if unifi is available for pujut area.