Ugly and Dirty Miri

(wgn_white) #21

These, what can we do about it?
Complaints to MMC?


(winwin) #22

As far as I know MMC is still responsible for garbage disposals.
Many many years ago the government Fisheries Department was collecting disused tires for building reefs for breeding fishes but not sure about it nowadays…


(ddcgat) #23

Yes what a resort city, sub stardard public facilities, poor lighting, garbage pile everywhere around housing area and even public toilet very bad condition , see it yourself


(ZoOL) #24

In my opinion, the dirtiest public place in Miri would be the toilet. Yesterday, i went to Tanjong Lobang and then to the toilet but unfortunately there is no water supply inside the toilet. Could you imagine how dirty it is inside the toilet last night, the toilet was not flushed, smelly and very dirty. So, i went to the nearest toilet which is inside KFC but even that toilet is a bit dirty. I don’t know which brainless guy squatting on the toilet bowl and left it like that! I had to clean it myself using tissues before i used it.
Seriously, these people really need to be educated to use toilet properly.

Did you know Japanese has this kind of practice whereby they went to your toilet first after visiting your place because from the toilet they could guess your personality.
If your toilet is dirty, then you are a dirty person.

Anyone where i can make complaint to local authority about toilet in Miri? I think we need “Toilet Day” in Miri!

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Beside that, gambling business open widely all over miri now.



Lack of finances explain how certain buildings and areas are run down in Miri, however there is no excuse for littering.

Dropping litter and dumping trash and waste is a pet hate of mine, it is just wrong and disrespectful.


(winwin) #27

Speaking of trash, something weird happened yesterday morning when I found mine missing from the front gate! I used to keep my trash nicely in plastic bag and always tie the bags when there are more together neatly with each other so that the sewage collector will not miss any one of them. Lo and behold when I got ready for my early morning exercise I found the whole bundle (3 bags in this case) of trash missing while my neighbours’ were still waiting to be collected. There were no dogs wandering as far as I know which would be the main suspects for stealing trash…:grimacing:


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No reason for lack of finances to keep buildings or your house look good. Some shophouses have not been painted for many years and have mouldy exteriors. There should be regulations for shophouses/office buildings to be painted every few years to make our little city looks nice.



True, effort and soap and water costs very little!