Typo cause of RM800 trillion phone bill

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Typo cause of RM800 trillion phone bill
13 Apr 2006

KUALA LUMPUR: It was a typo, and it was not our mistake. Telekom Malaysia Berhad yesterday said that the RM800 trillion telephone bill sent to a meat importer recently was a typo made by a debt collection agency.

It said its investigation showed that the letter to Yahaya Wahab from the agency stated that the amount was actually RM80.640000000000001 and not RM806,400,000,000.01 as reported on Monday.

TM corporate communications general manager Mariam Bevi Batcha said yesterday that after Yahaya requested his line to be disconnected, he still owed the company RM80.64.

The debt collection agency sent a letter to claim the amount due from him as he had not paid the outstanding amount.

"Unfortunately there were two errors in the letter, namely the address and the amount. The typo was the additional 12 zeroes followed by a 1 in the original letter by the debt collection agency.

“The complainant called the agency for an explanation. He was informed that it was a typo and he was satisfied with the explanation,” she said.

TM had given stern warning to the particular debt collection agency and was awaiting a full report from it.